The Problem with Politically Correct Nutrition Is That It Usually Is Wrong

Michelle Obama's calorie program for school lunches forces kids to eat artificial sweeteners and reduced fat lunches. Unfortunately being politically correct doesn't mean that you are right. In truth, Fat is essential in keeping your body healthy.
What do kids eat in school
What do kids eat in school
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June 5, 2012 - PRLog -- I recently visited this school where they had a list of all of the approved foods that you could eat. I noticed that there wasn't any milk, dairy, or meat anywhere on the poster. My guess is they didn't want to offend people who were vegans, but that doesn't teach children the truth about nutrition. I wonder what the dairy farmers of America would think of that. I think it's all right for people to have their own opinion of what is good and what isn't, but trying to force it down the throat of other people isn't the right thing to do.

It seems like Obama's policies on car emission is taking away our freedom to choose what we want to drive. Michelle Obama's calorie program for school lunches, is going to force your kids to eat artificial sweeteners, and reduced fat lunches. Unfortunately, it is the fat in the lunches that allows you to absorb vitamins and minerals into your body. Fat is essential for each cell in your body to function properly.  Eating fat is what keeps you skinny, and eating sugars, and shallow carbs is what makes you fat. Unfortunately being politically correct doesn't mean that you are right about everything. Now it seems politically incorrect to talk about having meat or dairy being good for you. The problem with political correctness is that nine times out of 10, it is completely wrong, and on the opposite side of common sense and good reason.

The Problem with Politically Correct Nutrition Is That It Usually Is Wrong

When the federal government got involved, they ended up banning coconut oil from use in movie theaters. Coconut oil is one of the most healthy oils that you can consume. Even though it is high in saturated fat, it is excellent for helping you to lose weight. Thousands of people have already lost weight by consuming coconut oil.  The reason why it got banned was because coconut oil had 14 g of fat per serving, and most of this was saturated. However, this is the same saturated fat that you find in breast milk, and it is vital for brain development. The politically correct answer at the time was to replace it with vegetable or canola oil. Vegetable oil is really made not from vegetables, it is made from corn. And canola oil and vegetable oil are both made by using toxins that help extract the oil.  So we are taking natural and pure oil and replacing it with a cheaply made, government-subsidized product called corn oil. It seems like as consumers, we are getting ripped off twice. First, we are getting ripped off because our tax dollars are paying for an inferior product. Second, we are getting ripped off because we are being taught a lie so that we will buy the inferior product rather than the one we really should be using.

Partially hydrogenated corn oil, became the politically correct favorite over butter.  In the 1980's it became very popular, and was even more expensive than butter even though it was super cheap to produce. The amount of money that people made selling margarine was ridiculous. It was probably more than enough money to buy out most of our scientists and nutritionists. Today, scientists have proven that partially hydrogenated oils not only cause obesity, but can cause heart attacks as well.

All the information that we were fed growing up about saturated fat being bad for you was fabricated. It was invented so that we would buy vegetable and corn oil which is 10 times worse.  

Spencer Arnold also writes for, a very high quality online newsletter providing authoritative and accurate gardening advice and information. He saw the headings in the local newspaper this morning and couldn't resit writing an article about it.
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