Candidate calls Out Republican Leaders Tell the Truth of 911

Robert W. Sandera tells Republican Leadership to tell the truth what really was going on 911. He predicted 3 days before it happened that it would hit in less then 2 weeks. Full story can be read at his web site
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May 18, 2012 - PRLog -- Robert W. Sandera is using the Internet and vowed to tell the truth of everything to run for President and pulling no punches calling out the Republican Leadership to tell the truth what really was going on 911. Sandera says the public has a right to know.  

Three days before 911 I told a girl I was dating about how much pain I was in that I was ready to give up and said “ Maybe I should just highjack a dam 767 and Fly it into the World Trade Center then stated Now that George W. Bush is in power some stupid sand nigger terrorist is going to do it within the next two weeks anyway and we will blame it on Iraq and start a war and at some point all the money in the U.S. will be stolen and we’ll be subjected to 5.00 a gallon gas and all our rights taken away we are doomed”

How did Sandera know all of this?  During his life he had been hurt and almost killed by a group of Dirty Politicians responsible for making him study Federal Law and becoming a specialist investigating the Government for 14 years.  He was seeing a persistent dirty course of conduct.

But He also has something known as extra sensory perception or ESP.  “Well the Government can lie and tell people it doesn’t exist but I am wondering why they want people for their 11 Trillion dollar underground city that have ESP for when they expect the Country to be destroyed by a Mammoth Tidal Wave.” I actually saw the wave and flood in 1993 but felt that wasn’t Katrina and it didn’t have to happen if we stopped polluting the world.

“I’ve attributed my ESP experience to God and being visited by the Holy Spirit Showing me future and have spoke to many ministers about it that believe in me and even brought me to tears describing me as a person connected to the Holy Spirit.  I’d like to know how many other people had a Holy Spirit revelation about 911 happening.  I’m told Olli North told it would happen. I know there are more as I have talked to another.”

People can say and think what they want but our country is in Trouble and I have been working for years on a plan to fix it and think I got it right but I want W to tell the truth.  I don’t think he planned 911 but I believe was somehow involved in some sort of double cross that went drastically wrong.  I think some of it was personal over screwing Bin Ladin out of 1.5 million dollars on some oil deal.  At least that’s how God makes me feel about it.  

Why don’t they explain why building seven was a major Military Building and had ferrite paint in it to burn at 2700 degrees?  Was there a note to be out of the building by 10 am because it was going to be blown? It seems a YouTube video shows so. If the Government imploded it to protect military secrets maybe they should just fess up. The public can follow the money trails but I am still astonished the public isn’t outraged at America’s Republican Guard I mean Halliburton paying Afghanistan men 155,000.00 a yr when the Military pays 35,000.00 almost 5 times less of tax money that needs to immediately end.

‘I say hell with Afghanistan and this plan of nation building we need to bring our Boys home strengthen our Military and lock the front door.  That’s never been done. I can tell you this after getting Cancer that I beat, the Holy Spirit showed me Heaven is real and the Earth will be rebirthed as a Paradise exactly how the Bible says. I know where I’m going cause I already been there but feel it’s unfortunate so many people are falling to hatred in Violation of Jesus’s own Ultimatum and blowing their future”.

“I believe something big is coming for our country and possibly the entire world but feel people in an underground city will all be killed with their faith misguided. There is no place in a perfect world for bigotry, greed, and hatred and I do believe the Book is Gods will and word and I have investigated many different churches etc...I think I know the truth now. If people want to laugh I feel and pray for them. They better be up for the test. Our Country our World has never lived the way God told us to and that’s why I am running for President to serve my Country”.

People try to tell me W was a Christian. No Christian murders 40,000 people with an illegal war and destroys record congregations of churches.  I call him the anti Christ. I hope he just comes clean and saves himself and helps the country to heal. Because I’m afraid God will never Bless us until someone does come clean. I don’t hate anybody but want the public told the truth. Let’s face it this Leadership ended America as we knew it. I for one don’t want them back in power for a long time.  The money trails to me shows a course of conduct how can the public be so stupid not to see it.

At the same time I am not happy Obama didn’t work harder on bringing our jobs back from China. China needs to forgive America for its huge Deficit for all the Research and Development and Technology they have stolen. If that happens the world can move on and forward and heal all our problems. As America’s greatness fails so shall the rest of the world. We were the light at the end of the tunnel till someone turned on the darkness. If China was such a great Ali of America why hasn’t it been attacked by terrorist that hate us?
It kills me the way Condoleezza Rice got up there and said well I don’t think for a minute anybody ever thought of using a 657 as a weapon etc.  Really because not only did I state that but at the time was angry about foreign trade and hidden pain problems that I said maybe I should just do it and speed things up.  The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit as sacred as I feel it is so I hope others don't make jokes about this and instead contact me if they had similar experiences knowing this was going to happen.  

People have all kind of comments like devil smoke faces in the flames etc of 911. All I know is the truth has not been told and I vowed to tell all the truth on my campaign because I am about Honesty Integrity with God and my Country I want to rebuild our Nation so every man and woman is proud again.  If this is some sort of religious period about to come upon us then I want people to seek refuge in the name of God as they are supposed to. There will always be atheist, I’m not going to change their mind but I just hope someday maybe the man’s master plan does and it’s not too late.

I cannot be a non believer as I have defied death to many times and even sacrificed it all to be someone’s Angle protecting them from the death I saw, and have developed treatments for cancer that defy all science and developed treatment  to rapidly get off Heroin and Oxycodone or Oxycotin without the horrible withdrawals.  I’ve been blown up and turned black for a month and witnessed the prejudice and bigotry, I’ve beat a staph infection an inch from my heart, beat esophageal cancer inside the junction of my stomach,

I overcame a 60 percent chance to live five more years and am expected to live a full life, I beat a MRSA Infection, and beat an infection that may have killed me with meningitis to the brain from my final surgery being contaminated from bowl prep. I didn’t do this or anything in my life without the help of God. I believe he wants me here to deliver a message and that my Country needs my guts and leadership to be President.  I’m sure the statements I made here could easily send the CIA or FBI to my house etc.

I don’t care I’m not a pussy and I’m not a liar,  My Country, God, and My People of my Country mean everything to me.  I am willing to fight and work hard for them regardless of being elected or not I will work with any President for the good of my Country and the entire world... And I just want everyone to be aware maybe instead of being filled with hatred and division we should follow the ultimate commandment of Christ himself and love each other.

That means reaching out and giving a dam about your fellow man etc that we are all in this together and the best years of our lives are still yet to come but we have got to give into living in a fashion that would please God.  Not be making shock and aw campaigns in 1999 and then denying we were planning a war before 911.  You see sometimes my picture perfect memory see’s a little more than it’s supposed to.
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