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These change-wave socionomic "herding" swings can be compiled, plotted and graphed and therefore predicted, especially in relation to Dow Jones and other stock averages which are also a chart of compilation of human endeavor according to socionomics.
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March 1, 2012 - PRLog -- By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

Your socionomic future is waning as evidenced by the year 2000 dot com mania stock market bubble peak and crash.  Currently, stocks are in a bear market rally in a secular (20 + year) bear market according to Robert Prechter's new study of socionomics.  Prechter's socionomic studies meld sociology with economics to describe how society’s mood in total can morph from positive (waxing) to negative (waning) as people follow the herd like lemmings.  Prechter has written several books on socionomic related economics and Elliott Wave Theory.  In 2001 he wrote the New York Times list best seller "Conquer the Crash" predicting the current economic downturn.  There are links to his site below. In the books he predicts a negative social mood change era evidenced by fear, pessimism, xenophobia, conservatism, thrift, savings and a general retrenchment.  A depression twice as big as the one in the 1930's!

These change-wave socionomic "herding" swings can be compiled, plotted and graphed and therefore predicted, especially in relation to Dow Jones and other stock averages which are also a chart of compilation of human endeavor according to socionomics.  According to Prechter's Elliott Wave Theory we are 11 years into the Greater Deflationary Depression that may last until 2020.  Remarkably, only recently has peoples mood turned really sour just as predicted by his books.  Your assets prices will drop 90% and unemployment may hit 50% according to Prechter.

The danger with this socionomic downturn is that it is on such a grand super cycle scale that it is opening the barn door to an insidious one world government totalitarian takeover plot by some 1,100 trans-generational elite central banking families and their military industrial and crony capitalist enablers.  These families worth many trillions of dollars like the Rothschild family based in the City of London want to rule us all in a fascist New World Order with a one world currency.  Their fiat money printing from nothing has enriched themselves, but it has usurped power and money from the middleclass.  

In addition, misguided Keynesian economics promoted fiat money printing and has prolonged the boom.  Austrian Economics says this will make the bust, crash and depression worse.   It most definitely will usher in the biggest credit deflation crash of all times and possibly World War Three as humanity's mood continues to turn ugly worldwide.  Prechter is on record as saying WWIII started with the 9/1l World Trade Center attack.

What you need to know about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT conspiracy  is there have been over 200 plus years of "Directed History" toward a new world order of dictatorial totalitarian control.  War, bailouts, disease scares, anarchy scares, phony terrorism scares, phony global warming scares, maybe World War Three and for sure a Greater Depression are being used as smokescreens while they take your freedom and liberty.  The elite have actually been creating much of the world's chaos so as to offer bigger government and better yet one-worldism as the best solution.  This is all hyped up in their wholly owned mainstream press.  Don't believe it!

Here is their MO (modus operandi)  Out of chaos comes order - a New World Order.  Think "Big Brother."

The nefarious financial power elite central banksters a fascist mega rich corrupt mafia like global governance bunch of demigods intend to make you & your children their serfs & slaves.  This is serious stuff. - The "Internet Reformation Revolution" may be your only hope.  Hurry!  Before you, your children & your children's children are totally controlled pawns in a "NEW DARK AGES" FASCISM!  

Only the truth told by the "INTERNET REFORMATION REVOLUTION” about the elite’s “DIRECTED HISTORY” toward one world government and totalitarian fascism and a return to private gold backed money can save you.  Only gold is honest and not someone else's debt.  Do not trust a gold backed one world currency sponsored by the UN or the International Monetary Fund etc.  Join the internet reformation revolution!  ASAP!  We have to all hang together or we will each hang separately.    More at my website...

Beware the one world world order subterfuge by transgenerational mega rich Anglo American financial power elite central banking families printing money out of air.  They want you as a slave in their fascist totalitarian takeover & New Dark Ages scheme!  Think Big Brother and the mafia join with Hitler.  It is that bad!

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