Is the NV PUC’s Commissioner David Noble, a Corporate Shill?

NV PUC's Commissioner as expected, aligns himself with what ever favors NV Energy. His recommendation to usurp the Constitution and right to privacy is called into question.
By: NVE Stop Smart Meters
Feb. 29, 2012 - PRLog -- David Noble, an attorney licensed in NV since October 14, 1998, bar number 6761, currently in an inactive status, is what we are opining to be promoting atrocious acts under the guise of his position on the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Noble since the smart meter issue has gone public, his comments were so blatantly prejudiced towards the public, nothing that he has stated can be perceived as of a ‘neutral’ stance.

Since we cannot be assured that our submissions that are not incorporated into Docket 11-10007, are received by the Commissioners for their review, we are suggesting that they receive our concerns and comments at their home/s or direct email accounts at the PUC. [1]

Since Noble doesn’t believe he has a duty to uphold the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution nor the 18th of the Nevada Constitution to privacy, what would happen if he should experience a violation of his privacy, by an agency that he has no control over?

When he and Jennifer purchased their 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2,495 square foot home for $322,500, that was recorded on 07/09/1999, they most likely expected a reasonable amount of privacy by owning a home. Since their information was under the control of an outside party, the Assessor’s office, certain aspects of their privacy is now accessible to anyone and they can’t impede that disclosure.

One has to wonder, can anyone purchase listings of real property in certain areas for commercial advertising/marketing purposes from any entity, like candidates do for voter record information? Do these entities automatically tell the public every time their information is purchased?

One can only opine how Noble would feel if people drove by his house, recorded his comings and goings and made him feel that his right to privacy was being violated, every 15 minutes. By someone/something driving past his home, that was able to determine if he was home, awake, having a party etc., predicated on whether or not they had their lights on, cars in a driveway, etc.

We opine that Noble is appearing to be a complete fake and a shill, presenting as a “neutral” party, who has cherry picked, denied the inclusion of facts, that could have repercussions on his alleged handler, aka NV Energy.

As an inactive attorney, by putting in writing and signing off on it, has gone on the official record with his endorsement of not approving the opt out, he allegedly appears to have endorsed the violation of numerous state and federal statutes and constitutions.

Intentionally decided that those with disabilities, such as epilepsy and other neurologically based disabilities, should not be given consideration and overtly violating the Americans for Disability Act, has allegedly allowed one sided experts to testify against opting out, possibly violating the terms and conditions of the energy bill, which is where the funding for the smart meters had come from.

Apparently, the PUC has two Delphi Technique Masters, one masquerading as a “supposedly neutral appointed representative” Commissioner (Noble) and the other a Hearing Master (Wenzel). [2]

Noble it appears did not find it necessary to fully read the federal energy bill himself, to see that it clearly stated “the public has the right to opt out”, nor did he respect the letter of Congressman Bill Posey (15th District of FL), dated December 6, 2011: “As you may know, provisions within the 2005 Energy Policy Act allow for customers to opt out of smart meter programs that are run at the state level.”

Nor is there any provision in the bill that allows for a utility company to recover costs from those electing to opt out. Therefore, one can opine that NV Energy took the funding under false pretenses, usurped the terms and conditions regarding installation, with the apparent approval of the PUC, if fees are charged for opting out and denial of an option to opt out.

Noble appears to be intentionally forgetting that when he and the two other Commissioners approved the installation, warned NV Energy in Docket 10-02009, it was “the responsibility for them to get customer acceptance.”  

What part of the we don’t want these meters is the PUCN not understanding?  You have allowed NVE to NOT educate the public for an inordinate amount of time, they neglected to notify customers as they claimed they did and now the backlash has just started.

Mr. Noble there are NOT a few who want to opt out, there are many.  Stop skewing the information. NV Energy kept the delay list secretive and coerced unsuspecting customers to accept the meters. Let the public decide if they want these meters, that they were told were federally mandated and threatened with denial of service, if they did not consent to their installation.

We are tired of your alleged/perceived prevarications and allegiance to industry.

Mr. Noble if you think that you could NOT have a Bar complaint filed against you, you are seriously mistaken. Mr. Nobel, heed this sentence, we will file and we will make sure that you are NOT given another term to economically rape the public come September 2012, when your term expires.

Maybe NV Energy has a job waiting for you if you are not reappointed to the PUC?

[1],, or 633 14th Green Dr., Incline Village, NV

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