Coming Iran War- Most Frightening Story in the Universe

Iran will not allow an Israeli or American attack without a massive deadly response. The end result may be total global biological, chemical and nuclear war with attendant massive loss of life and liberty.
Dec. 16, 2011 - PRLog -- By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

Why the coming Iran war is the most frightening story in the universe!

Why knowledge about the Iran war is important to your and the world's survival.  Iran will not allow an Israeli or American attack without a massive deadly response. The end result may be total global biological, chemical and nuclear war with attendant massive loss of life and liberty.

The Iran war has already begun with the recent development of Iran downing of an American surveillance drone aircraft.  In addition, there is big time cyber war and CIA snooping going on.  Escalating acts of war include the use of the Stuxnet computer virus in Iran computer systems, the blowing-up of facilities, the assassination and/or kidnapping of scientists and an Iranian general and other covert acts. The Anglo financial power elite wholly owned mainstream media is fanning the flames. blowing smoke in our faces and leaking crazy stories like the one about an alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.

The U.S. Legislature voted 400 to 11 to sanction Iran.  The United Nations has sanctions on Iran.  Now, Britain plans to impose sanctions on all Iranian banks and is pressing for an EU boycott of Iranian oil which led to demonstrators trashing the British embassy in Tehran and the expulsion of Iranian diplomats from London.  Sanctions are trade barriers or embargos that may lead to war.  Any country (Russia, China) that trades with the sanctioned country (Iran) technically becomes ones enemy.  

Next, Israel drops American made bunker buster bombs on Iran's nuclear facilities.  Rockets start flying and neutron bombs then full nuclear atomic bombs start dropping.  Radiation fallout swirls around the globe.  Nasty bio warfare engineered viruses get released.  Millions die and many of the first to go are the hospital workers. The Islamic Crescent gets bombed so much it resembles ancient times of the crusades and Dark Ages.  War with Russia and/or China kicks in.  The aftermath is a world out of a Mel Gibson "Road Warrior" movie with half the world population annihilated in World War Three.  Then we get a New Dark Ages feudalism in which the elite rule the whole world and we are all their serfs and slaves!

After a decade of spilling American and coalition blood and wasting American and coalition money in Afghanistan and Iraq, destabilization in Pakistan, Yemen and Bahrain and devastation in first Lebanon and then Libya, the powers-that-be need a new Iran war as a smokescreen for more one-worldism.  Their plan is to take the last of our freedoms forevermore and to depopulate the world with World War Three.

Don't forget, the Anglo American elite central banking families located in the City of London, Washington DC, the Vatican and Tel Aviv all are striving for a one world government.  They accomplish this through fiat money ruination with attendant gross government growth.  Credit inflations always result in chaos and the coming economic Greater Depression will be at least twice as bad as the 1930's.  The middle class is scared silly and fleeced of its money, morals, motivation and power as the elite orchestrate sociopolitical and economic centralist "directed history."  This planned economic "train wreck" has been going on since the American Civil War, by the way.  It is slow Keynesian socialism morphing into Marxism.  So slow you hardly notice your freedom and liberty are toast.

It is speeding up now with the likes of President Obama running roughshod over the US Constitution.  The elite own the 110 central banks of the world and use money printing and bailouts to saddle both personal and corporate taxpayers with more and more onerous debt.  That is their plan as - "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go" becomes "I owe my sole to the company store."  The CENTRAL BANKSTERS are the real enemy here with names like the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Oppenheimers etc plus their crony corporate and military enablers.  In addition, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group groom a succession of new elitist leaders and operatives.  They leak false policy always under a smokescreen veil of elite deceit. Always believe the opposite of what the mainstream press pushes publicly.  The turmoil and chaos created always has one world government and one world money as the solution.  Remember this!

The United Nations is their most pernicious tool followed by the World Bank, the mysterious Bank for International Settlements, NATO as the default military, the World Heath Organization and now they are ramping up the International Court of Justice -  Terrible globalist governance demigods all.  Step by step, inch by inch the new world order is like a cancer.  They never give up.

The US Senate just passed the unconstitutional “Indefinite Detention Bill”- the National Defense Authorization Act – on a 86 to 13 vote in which citizens can be thrown in prison and subsequently tortured without formal charges or access to an attorney or even a court of law - A violation of the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution.  This vote proves both the Republican and the Democrat parties are in on the one world government and one world currency collectivist conspiracy.  Apparently FEMA tent prisons are already constructed and waiting for Occupy Wall Street and other protesters.  

In their insidious new world order collectivism conspiracy they are kings and we are slaves.  They want to depopulate the world so the natural resources will last longer.  Their modus operandi is always to stir up chaos and then offer global governance as the solution.  The elitist’s authoritarian rule will make us all pawns in their Orwellian “Big Brother” world just like in George Orwell’s futuristic book “1984.”

Only the truth disseminated by the “internet reformation” and a return to private gold backed money can save us.  Only gold is not some one else’s debt.  Only gold is honest money.  Things will not be right in the world until gold is backing a private money system.  


By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU
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