How Conscious Is Society..Do We Rank A High Score...

Music Has Always Been Indication Of Our Times Listening To The Lyric Content Can We As A Society Pass The Test Of Being Conscious Of Our Environment And What Its Message Is Saying By The Kind Of Music Our Society Has Allowed To Filter In Our World
Sept. 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Music the soul healer the heart medicine and the feel good remedy to life and its roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. We all have been there in laughter and in tears in good times and crying over beers. So we all can safely say music is a true friend and mentor the music soothes the soul and the lyric starts the heart. Music has indeed been around since the beginning of time and we all have come to know it as the universal language simply meaning wherever you go in this world you can resonate to its sound. There are no language barriers when it comes to the beat and different instrumental sounds we hear.
Whether we want to dance sing tap our toes or just cry reminisce or reflect. Music is our best friend. Growing up teens were known to be the vast number that resonated to music and still to day are that really used music to help them through a crisis. That is why it is even more important today for artist and musicians and especially songwriters to becarefull what they choose to write sing and perform. Lyric content was meant o be enjoyed and has been allowed to be abused using graphic language to paint it pictures of expression. Violence has found a new way to filter our amazing world and now we have added to the causes that need to be fixed. As a society in our lack of control to really analyze the pros and cons of choice making that will in turn affect us all as a whole we need to heed that choice. We as a society are married in this world by the act of life and we have been ordained free will and choice. Even still our choice especially where children are involved need to be as positive as possible to ensure our kids have a fighting chance in our ever changing world but even more because like us they too deserve a chance to live childhood. Teen girls do not need to be mothers before their time young teen boys do not need to be swinging guns taking lives to prove manhood and drugs and alcohol do not make a man nor does it help to solve ones problems These adult challenges do not need to be challenges for our kids and music has no place in lyrical form to produce or send out its confusing messages to our youth. So you be the judge when you look around at all the kids packing guns in gangs teen violence drugs alcohol and school drop outs and teens in trouble with the law. parents going to jail because they can not control their child and crime rate soaring and population growing with more young teen girls depending on Social Services to raise their child while Taxes soar  you tell me did we pass the test? Now is the time we are now admitting to our social mistakes especially with our kids and the time is now to take charge by ending those poisons in society killing our children Our kids were once perfect in form until we as a parental society allowed them to be influenced through music. But not all is lost if you are one of the lucky parents and your child is alive you as the parent can do something to change the way music is filtered in our society. You can support our cause and allow us to bring the knowledge needed to make these changes so other kids do not have to bare witness to the experience and influence of negative lyric content. Support the right to make lyrics positive
for our kids and to brand labeling on future music to prevent the music from being bought from or for your child... The bottom line is as a parent it is your responsibility to do what is right so its time to pass the test to a more conscious music environment for our kids and our future our kids are worth the effort don't you think so?
Those wishing to render support can visit their site www.consciousmusicentertainment or donate through PO Box 15242 Latonia Ky 41015

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Conscious Music Entertainment Founded By Milliea Taylor McKinney In Support Of Positive Lyrics For Our Youth Society And Future. Partnered By Pat Melfi, And Supported Lewis Marklin Mash, And Audra Nay. Inspired By Skyler Jett.
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