Top five products people buy through ecommerce

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Sept. 16, 2011 - PRLog -- Globally, ecommerce presents a curious mix. On the one hand, the number of people shopping online has been exploding: The number of people using the Internet for shopping has seen a massive increase, by as much as 40 per cent over just two years. Close to a billion people shop on the Net. On the other, there is the rather predictable discrepancy in the patterns of this usage.
Top Internet shopping nationalities
Expectedly, the developed nations rely more on the Internet to carry out their shopping. As much as 99 per cent of the South Korean population that has access to the Net shops; this is followed by Britain at 97. These statistics are the highlights of a survey the Nielsen Company conducted in March 2010, during which it polled more than 27,000 Internet users in 55 markets from the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. Some of the questions it explored where:
•   How do consumers shop online
•   What do they intend to buy
•   How do they use various online shopping web pages
•   What is the impact of social media and other factors in online shopping
Top products
The Internet is, figuratively, a marketplace in which people buy anything from a kerchief to a car. So, which of these are the products that are most often traded over ecommerce? The survey found these in the order of sales globally:
•   Books
•   Clothing and related accessories
•   Videos/games
•   Electronic gadgets
•   Music
Of course, this is not to suggest that these are the products of the future. This is a very broad representation of only the top five products traded over ecommerce in the period for which the survey was conducted. Further, there are huge incongruities between different countries for which the survey was conducted. Added to all these, there is the subjectivity element, by which we can never really predict anything based on the trends of the past or present.
Pointers for the future
Yet, these statistics offer some broad contours into the way the future of ecommerce could head. While the figures are quite different from one country to another; there is no disputing at least two elements: One, no matter what kind of difference exists from one segment to another, ecommerce as a whole is set for huge growth. If around two-fifths more people could get into the usage bracket over just two years, that is a positive trend. Two, Britain is a close second in terms of the proportion of net-connected people who went on to complete a sale. This is something that should cheer British ecommerce businesses.

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