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Everyone today, regardless of the occasion, prefers photo invitations over traditional invitations.
By: Sebastian Crown
July 11, 2011 - PRLog -- Everyone today, regardless of the occasion, prefers photo invitations over traditional invitations. They are, after all way cooler than plain text, aren't they? Photo birthday invitations, especially if they are meant for a first birthday, are indeed a very nice choice for design. This post describes some of the best themes you can choose for these 1st birthday invitations, which would look amazing with your 1-year olds photos.

Photo invites have become so common these days that it might be hard for you to get a distinct one for your child's 1st birthday party. You can get that done by using your own imaginative mind. When you have a birthday party planned, you have a lot of ideas in mind. Sum up all of them and get a unique 1st birthday invite designed.

People usually go for colored photos of their kids to make the invite colourful and attractive. You can try and be different by putting up a black and white photo or a gray scale picture of your kid. People are so used to seeing the colored ones that your invite might catch their eyes. A retro look always attracts people.

If you have only colored pictures of your kid, you don't have to worry about getting black and white photo. You have photo editing software to help you out with that. Software like GIMP and Photoshop are very well known photo editing software to give various effects to your child's photo. You give photos a gray scale effect to give it a retro like look.

Talking of editing photos or photo birthday invitations; black and white are not the only effects that you can create using software. You can replicate almost any scene as a backdrop for the photo you want. For instance, you can choose the background for a photo depending on the climate during the part of the year the birth day occurs. If it occurs during winter, you can choose a snowy background perhaps with the kid sitting on a snow man.

You can show you kid in many different ways. Capture your kid doing different actions like playing, dancing or doing something different and sum them up on his 1st birthday invite. There is nothing more beautiful than showing your kid in different behaviour especially when he is an infant. Let your invite be as lively as possible.

To have a make your kids birthday invite only one of its kind, you need to have a really unique images of your matching with a unique theme. The photo editing software can help you bring all your ideas in to the invite. You can transform an ordinary picture of your kid into an extraordinary one. This can be a little expensive but it is worth your kid's 1st birthday.

These are a few ideas getting uncommon pictures for photo birthday invitations. These need not apply exclusively for 1st birthday invitations. They would look great even for other invitations such as communion, wedding invitations, but they look especially good if they have kids featuring in them. The principle here is to do something unique that will catch people's eye and get them to be present.

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