What's The Differences Between Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade Golf Clubs

Taylormade Golf, Titleist Golf are three major brand in golf clubs industry, which takes a great part of marketing. What's the features of golf clubs from the three golf brands?
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July 2, 2011 - PRLog -- For those just entering the golf world, they will face a lot of difficult to choose golf clubs and have to try various clubs from different golf brands. So I’d like to analyze three major golf manufacturers with some of their advantages. I wish this would be helpful for those beginners to be acquitant with golf clubs from Titleist, Taylormade and Callaway. These three brands occupied more than 50% of global golf clubs sales. We can also see their golf equipments are used by professional golf players. Titleist Golf, Taylormade Golf and Callaway Golf are with the highest market exposure and occupation. They mainly take the lead in golf market and clubs development. Now let’s talk about these three major brands.

Firstly, let’s begin with Callaway. Callaway is the first manufacturer to made clubhead with stainless steel. Callaway golf clubs are most used before 2000. But later Taylormade snatch the throne. I have Callaway FT-3, FT-9, Diablo Edge clubs(online diablo edge irons sale at http://www.golfclubshotsale.com/goods-4-Callaway+Diablo+E...). I am quite familiar with the development of Callaway golf clubs. They are also with good quality and performance. But they are not as easy to control as Taylormade clubs. You have to swing stable to some extent and then are alble to use Callaway clubs freely. Callaway changed the design style from last year, which makes players to feel the difference design.

Personal speaking, I like the Callaway golf clubs most. I think they are most with collection value. Callaway X22 Irons(discount sale at http://www.golfclubshotsale.com/goods-2-Callaway+X-22+Iro...) are their classic models. Callaway new released Callaway Razr X irons are also spoke highly by great many golfers. Callaway golf clubs are with superior performance and quality. But they are a little hard to control for unstable players.

Secondly, let’s talk about Titleist.Titleist golf clubs are not the first in sales rank, but they are with highest profits, which let Titleist survive in this industry. Titleist aims to middle handicap and low handicap players. I began to use its clubs from 983, and collected 905T, 905r, 970d1, 970d2, 909d3, 909dcom and so on. I love titleist clubs, its drivers are my first choice. Titleist’s clubs are designed in traditional style, with little change for more than 10 years. There are two styles of its irons, blade and cavity back.. Latest AP1 Irons and AP2 Irons are used different material insert. They are as hot as Callaway Razr X irons. Compared to Taylormade irons and Callaway irons, Titleist irons are most difficult to use, because Titleist irons are objective to low handicap players. They are not intended to use material and new techonologies to make up for playing skills. Their appearance is elegent.

As to the performance of Titleist golf clubs, it is not the best but definitely in the lead group. Their quality is considered the best among Taylormade, Titleist and Callaway Golf clubs. Why many golfers love Titleist? Because Titleist doesn’t make concessions in quality control for low price. So some players claims that when their skills is elevated, Titleist clubs are their first choice. At the same time, the new products released cycle is relatively longer, about 2 years. But its new products are sold solidly. Titleist adopts least the new technologies because it is for a group of golf fans. Titleist clubs are with most stable performance.

So I give Titleist golf clubs a comment as good quality and performance, with stable price and performance, with less new technologies, hard to control.

Thirdly, it’s turn for Taylormade golf clubs. Taylormade is an old brand. After being tookover by Adidas,  Taylormde was redirected to an importance role in golf clubs market. The R500 and R300 series Drivers, which were developed at the beginning of 2000, gradually helped Taylormade make its own way out. Later, the R7 series pushed Taylormade to the first in market. They are counter-balancing with Callaway ft-5, Callaway ft-7, Callaway FT-9 driver. At the same time, it created a bloom of sales (ten million). So, TM could be said the benchmark of current golf equioment market and also TM changed the previous product-released cycle.

Before the R500 series, Taylormde’s products cycle is basically more than 3 to 4 years. It took a long time for new products released. And there’s little difference between new products and former ones. However, after R500 Series, the features and cycles were both changed completely. The new products released cycle was reduced to one year. And TM also created new golf clubs with various new technologies and materials. R7, R9, R11 series are all used many customized technologies, proving Taylormade has strong advantage in clubs development.

Taylormade is very clear to which kind of players its clubs are suitable. TM mainly aims to high handicap and medium handicap players. Because those golf players lack time to praticse playing and their skills are kept in the middle level, so Taylormade develop clubs that are easy to hit. This also makes players obviously feel the advantages of TM golf clubs and special functions. R7, R9 and R11 drivers are all with adjustable screws and shaft. For those with high skills or played golf for more than six years, it is immportant whether shaft or head is changeable. But to those who are not professionals, it is very helpful. All in all, I think Taylormade golf clubs are easy to use, easy to hit, with a lot of tricks, but lack of stability.

Taylormade, Titleist and Callaway Golf clubs all have their own features and are suitable for different golfers. Callaway Golf Clubs online sale at http://www.golfclubshotsale.com.

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