SCIE Is The Cure For The Blackberry Ill

SCIE offers the solution to business and high net-worth individuals who want to maintain their basic human right to communicate without governments having access to those communications. Quanta Consulting Ltd is a worldwide distributor of SCIE.
By: Quanta PR Department
"It's pronounce sky not ski"
"It's pronounce sky not ski"
May 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Geneva- While the governments of India and the U.A.E. attack RIM demanding to be provided with unrestricted access to the Blackberry BES encryption, in order to intercept and monitor users E-mail communications and threatening to ban the devices if RIM does not provide access, Quanta Consulting Ltd is offering companies in those countries the option to keep government out of their business.

SCIE is a highly secure & anonymous text based communications platform. For a full in-depth explanation please visit the Quanta website and also download the Quanta SCIE Brochure PDF.

“The American philosopher George Santayana once said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, noted Quanta’s executive director Stella Smith adding, “The sad thing is when we speak of what is happening with the right to have private communications we are not discussing past history; corporations keep condemning themselves to repeat the present”.

Every day the news is littered with accounts of E-mail shortcomings including but not limited to; misdirected, stolen, forwarded to unauthorized 3rd parties, intercepted, deleted then recovered during E-discovery, subpoenaed and probably misinterpreted or otherwise leaked and exposed. “Yet companies and high net-worth individuals continue to use E-mail and text messaging for a purpose they were never designed for; confidential communications that must remain confidential”, said Ms. Smith, “then they are amazed and confused when their high level discussions appear on the front page of the New York Times and still they continue to use E-mail”.

The Email Threat:

The question of if RIM will fold under pressure (along with SKYPE also under threats) and find a solution to enable unrestricted email, text messaging and VOIP interception by governments will most likely be based on how termination of services in certain countries will affect share price. RIM is a publicly traded company and SKYPE’s current owner is Microsoft. “Aero Consulting, the developer and owner of the SCIE system, is privately held”, Smith said, “the shareholders only have to report to themselves. There is no decision making based on what the market will do.”

Blackberry users are totally identifiable as the Email and text messaging functions are tied to a device, the Blackberry phone, which must be activated by an in-country telecom company. SCIE is not tied to a single device and is not dependent on another service provider. SCIE users and the system itself are 100% anonymous. Use of SCIE cannot be traced back to the user; use of a Blackberry can be traced. SCIE is not subject to E-discovery while emails and text messages are; even Blackberry BES e-mail.

In addition to worrying about corporate espionage, and if the company IT personnel are selling executive confidential communications to the highest bidder, Quanta advises high net-worth individuals and corporate executives to look at what governments are doing now, in the present.

In the UK, in July 2010 the Interception of Communications Commissioner Sir Paul Kennedy disclosed in his annual report that in 2009, public authorities made 525,130 data requests to ISPs to view people's phone and email records. That figure compares with a total of 504,073 requests in 2008.

The commissioner also revealed that ICC inspectors found the Financial Services Authority to be the "largest user" of communications data requests, with its total of 2,259.

Alex Deane, director of privacy group Big Brother Watch, called the ICC report's findings "shocking".

"The level of covert surveillance in this country is shocking. These operations are now part of our nation's everyday life. Worst of all, the commissioner has revealed that dozens of operations conducted in the past year were in fact unauthorised," he said.

In the U.S. in an FOIA action, AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, et al V. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL ) INTELLIGENCE, et al, (Civil Action No. 10-CV-4419)  The ACLU was seeking the identity of IT services providers who voluntarily (without a warrant or subpoena being issued) supply the FBI with person(s) and corporate confidential information; commercial, financial, telephone records and e-mail communications. The FBI had refused to disclose the identities (in a previous action) citing:

“Specifically, these companies would be substantially harmed if their customers knew that they were furnishing information to the FBI. The stigma of working with the FBI would cause customers to cancel the companies’ services and file civil actions to prevent further disclosure of subscriber information”.

Since the identities of the IT services providers have not been disclosed you cannot know if your services provider is one of them; is yours?

To keep yours and your company’s private text based conversations confidential visit the Quanta Consulting website and learn more about the Secure Client Information Exchange, SCIE.

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Quanta’s main priority is confidentiality and security combined with a high level of service; presenting the Client with the best possible options to insure that all is in the best interest of the client.


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