Best Wireless Panic Button Pendant Calls Family In Emergency. Assist Elderly In Staying Independent

This wireless panic button system can summon emergency help quickly. It doesn't require a monitoring service. It doesn't have any monthly fees.
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May 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Best Wireless Panic Button Pendant Calls Family In Emergency.  Assist Elderly In Staying Independent

If you had an emergency would you be prepared?

Thousands of our elderly have an emergency every day.  Many of them are alone when it happens.  What can they do?

If they had this wireless panic button system, they just react.
Press the button on the pendant.  Then speak and listen through the pendant.

It is that easy to get help with this system.  No confusion.  Just act.

The wireless pendant can be up to 600 feet from the base station and still have clear two-way voice communication with emergency responders.

Some seniors don't want to talk to a stranger so they try to wait out an emergency and hope it goes away.  With this system you can select up to four phone numbers and/or 911 to be called in an emergency.  They don't have to talk to a stranger.

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NOW you can even answer incoming calls with the wireless 2-way pendant !

The BEST Medical Alert-
Finally if you have fallen and can't get up you can call for help without having to pay a monthly fee. No Bills EVER. Buy the System and Never Pay Another Penny.

The BEST Medical Alert-
- Talk Through The Pendant - Over 600 Foot Range - Answer The Phone With The Pendant - Wear It In The Shower.

The BEST Medical Alert-
Talking Through Your Panic Button Sounds Amazing. It is! It is Now Possible and Available with NO Monthly Charges. Seniors love the savings and security it provides.

The BEST Medical Alert-
A Panic Button that you can Talk Through? Is it possible? Yes. We have provided thousands to seniors all across the country. This system has the longest range in the industry and with No Monthly Monitoring Charges. What else could you want?

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION or CALL Toll Free 866-927-3577 or 615-562-0043

The BEST Medical Alert-
There Is Now An Emergency Panic Button with Full Two-Way Voice Communication. Yes! You Can Talk Through It!

The Comfort Of Being Able To Speak With Your Loved One When There Is An Emergency Is The Most Amazing Advancement in Medical Alert Technology In 30 years.

Full Two-Way Voice Communication Through An Emergency Medical Alert Pendant.

Give the Gift Of A Comforting Voice While Waiting For An Ambulance or Emergency Assistance.

The BEST Medical Alert-
Your loved one has fallen in the back yard or in the bathroom....they press their panic button and wait...The time drags on --- the stress mounts -- does anyone know they need help?---- the heart races --- until they hear the siren sound.

With all the medical alert system that you pay monitoring service fees for, your loved one will lay there and wait to hear the siren.

Wouldn't it be comforting for your loved ones to be able to TALK to someone in the meantime? The ability to hear a comforting voice letting them know help is on the way is a great feature for your loved ones.

This system allows full two-way communication through the wearable Emergency Pendant Phone. Now your loved ones can actually talk with someone while help is on the way, even if they are in the back yard or at the mailbox

The BEST Medical Alert-
The Freedom Alert has NO MONTHLY FEES

- 600 foot range
- Wear the Pendant in the shower
- Calls friends, family or 911 (your option)

You just don't have to pay monthly monitoring fees or be tied to contracts anymore !

The BEST Medical Alert-

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION or CALL Toll Free 866-927-3577 or 615-562-0043


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Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fees - No Contracts - No Kidding ! The BEST Medical Alert Available Today Is Now Available To Anyone.
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