The First Software Wizard for File / Document Naming and Storage Policy Planning

MultiCIM Technologies, the developer of eXadox document management paperless office solutions, announces the release of the first software wizard designed to easily and quickly create document naming/storage policies for small to large organizations.
By: Victor Samuel
April 13, 2011 - PRLog -- MultiCIM Technologies Inc. has released eXadox™ WIZ, a software wizard that simplifies the creation, re-working, and sharing of document naming /storage policies for all organizational entities (e.g., departments, work-groups,  business-units, etc...). Organizations should institute file naming and storage policies to ultimately benefit from fast and precise searching, identification, and retrieval of their electronic documents. This helps increase productivity and collaboration amongst all staff needing to share and access common electronic files/documents. A filing policy plan is always essential, regardless of whether the organization plans to implement a manual document management strategy, or deploy a dedicated document management system. The eXadox WIZard ( simplifies the filing policy planning process immensely.

Vincent Santaguida of MultiCIM Technologies states “As organizations migrate from paper-based operations to paperless or 'less-paper' practices, staff  generally lack direction in terms of electronic document naming and storage policies. Each individual names and saves departmental files as they see fit. Therefore, there is hardly any consistency in how everyone names and stores electronic files. The end result can be utter chaos and awful inefficiencies in the file searching and retrieval process. A minimum initiative is to institute storage and file naming policies for each business activity in the organization. We created the eXadox WIZard  to make it easier for our clients and others to start instituting best practices for file naming and storage. The rewards in productivity gain can be incredible with minimal effort"

eXadox WIZ operates in a wizard-mode by automatically guiding the user through five simple steps to quickly build a unique filing policy plan. It also comes with ready-built filing policy templates to help expedite the planning process. Users may modify, mix and match several templates in order to build a unique filing policy profile that best satisfies their operational requirements. The plan import/export feature enables the planning team to collaborate in planning activities by taking advantage of everyone's contribution to more readily establish policy consensus.

eXadox WIZ is the first commercially available wizard dedicated to document naming/storage policy planning. Users may easily share the resulting HTML filing policy report-file because it is viewable via an Internet browser; it may be posted on the Web, attached to an email, or stored on disk. The resulting policy report describes precisely all the folder names and their hierarchy, the file naming convention, the required metadata, as well as all the valid input details for each of these elements. It can be used as an official filing policy guide that all stakeholders in the organization can reference as a guideline for adherence to the instituted filing policy/convention.

Whether you are part of a small office or a large organization, your electronic documents are information assets that are extremely valuable and critical to your operation. eXadox WIZ will enable you to easily plan your filing policy for your electronic information assets so that everyone can benefit from the productivity gained by having properly named and stored documents.

eXadox WIZ runs under Windows XP/Vista/7, costs $29.95(CDN) for a single-user license, and may be ordered securely online from You can request to download a 10-day trial version from the same website .

Editorial Evaluation Copy Available Upon Request

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About MultiCIM Technologies: MultiCIM is a Canadian corporation founded in 1986 that develops paperless office solutions. It is the developer of the eXadox™ DT (DeskTop) and eXadox™ MSO (Microsoft Office plug-in) document management tools that take advantage of semi-automated file naming and storage as means of classifying, storing and retrieving electronic documents and images. It is also the developer of eXtractoFlex™, the automated data capture tool for capturing OCRd data from semi-structured forms (e.g. invoices, POs, shipping docs). For more information, visit


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