The See 4 Safety™ Mobility Light – Turning Dreams Into Reality

The inventor of the See 4 Safety™ Mobility Light turned a nightmare into a wonderful business opportunity – all because she dreamt that she was being chased through a dark sewer by a pack of vampires.
By: Jennifer Hess
March 29, 2011 - PRLog -- “I couldn’t see where I was going and they were quickly gaining on me,” Julie Linge recalled. “Just before they closed in for the kill, I looked down at my feet and saw that I was wearing fuzzy slippers with bright lights built into the toes. Suddenly I could see an escape route and was able to make my way up a flight of stairs and into the sunlight – sunlight being very bad for vampires.

“The next morning I kept thinking about my dream and those slippers. Instead of dismissing the idea, I started researching patents for illuminating slippers; slippers that would “know when to glow” based on motion and lighting conditions.”

Around this time necessity motivated her to create another practical application for this technology. Her mother had suffered a stroke and had to use a walker around the house (and a cane when she later regained more of her balance). “This was my Eureka! moment,” said Julie. ”I recognized that there was an unmet need for a mobility light that could easily attach to walkers, canes, rollators, etc., and which would automatically illuminate by sensing when lighting conditions were too dim or dark for safe movement. There was a need for a light with no buttons to fiddle with, push, or press – an “intelligent” light that would only turn on when more illumination was needed. My dream about being chased by vampires had evolved from footwear into a product designed to make the activities of daily living easier.”

“My mother’s light switch is located at the far end of her bedroom, and she had difficulty making her way across the room at night or early in the morning without bumping into walls and furniture with her walker. She needed a light that would use its onboard sensors to activate and then to deactivate itself (after 30 seconds from the cessation of motion or when in a well-lit area). Mom needed a light that would also make navigation of a poorly lighted hallway and staircase easier and safer when she got up at night and walked to the bathroom.”

“I could also picture the light attached to canes. People would use it to light their way across a shadowy parking lot or down a gloomy sidewalk. The light would also make the user more noticeable to motorists while crossing streets. People would buy these lights for themselves, for their parents, for their grandparents – and they would be a year-round purchase.”

However, having a great idea for a product and then getting it to market are very different things, as Julie quickly came to realise. Selling a never-before-seen mobility light to stores and distributing it across the country were huge hurdles to overcome. This is where a lot of inventors screech to a halt.

“They don’t have the funds, knowledge, experience, or contacts to move forward. It’s like the “death zone” on Mount Everest,” says Julie. “Only the luckiest few can make it to the top, but they can’t do it by themselves. Bringing a product to market is a group effort, and you need the right people. There are a lot of scam invention companies out there, and many good people are conned out of their money and their dreams.”

“If I had not been given Jerry Lisman’s name, the See 4 Safety Mobility Light would have remained a flight of fancy. But I found a person who had the experience to commercialize my mobility light for the retail medical and home healthcare markets. Jerry studied my rough prototypes and made valuable suggestions to improve the functionality of the light. He also worked with the manufacturer to make the right product at the right price, and that’s no small task! Jerry also gave the light its name; the one I had originally selected was fairly generic and boring.

“Thanks to Jerry and NEPA Partners LLC, I now have a solid opportunity to introduce people to a unique and practical lighting device.”

The See 4 Safety Mobility Light provides instant hands-free illumination when its built-in sensors detect movement or a low-level light environment. Simply flip the on/off switch to “on,” clip the light to the cane or walker and start moving.The light, which has three bright LEDs, is powered by two AAA batteries (included), and automatically turns itself off after 30 seconds if there is no motion or if it senses substantial light.

Ms. Linge is delighted to see her product in stores and online, and hopes that it will improve peoples’ lives. She no longer dreams of vampires chasing her, and is very happy that her “nightmare” became a reality.

NEPA Partners, LLC is a joint venture of Beau's Peeps, LLC and Lisman Holdings, Inc. NEPA Partners specializes in the commercialization of products in late stage development for the retail medical, home healthcare markets and selected consumer product segments. NEPA Partners has extensive experience in manufacturing, sourcing, finance, marketing and sales.

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The See 4 Safety Mobility Light provides users of walkers, canes and rollators with an easily attached automatic light source. The light turns itself on when in motion and when it senses a low level light environment.

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