Treatment of memory common faults

As memory improperly installed or have serious quality problems often lead to boot "memory alarm", is one of the most common faults of memory. At boot time, not usually heard "beep" is heard, but "tick, tick, tick ..."
March 4, 2011 - PRLog -- 1, Diagnosis and Treatment Failure

As memory improperly installed or have serious quality problems often lead to boot "memory alarm", is one of the most common faults of memory. At boot time, not usually heard "beep" is heard, but "tick, tick, tick ..." ringing off the hook, the display has no image display. This failure most of the time because the computer is not good use of the environment, humidity is too large, in the long process of using the finger surface oxidation of memory, a memory and memory slots finger contact resistance increases, current through the obstacles lead to memory self-test errors. Such memory failures are quite obvious, and very easy to re-install or replace by another memory to be recognized and addressed. After removing the memory, attention should be careful with anhydrous alcohol and the rubber on both sides of the finger to clean the memory and do not cheat in direct contact by hand, because the hands will be attached to the finger sweat, in use for some time oxidation caused by finger again, repeating the same failure, can be installed for a few more memory slots. In addition, we also applied hair brush memory slot will clean out the dust, and then compare the hard and clean with a piece of white paper folded up into the memory slot to move around the paper using this method to insert the memory wipe clean metal tank, and then install the memory. At the same time to carefully observe whether the chip is burned, damaged circuit board traces. In addition some of the old memory (such as EDO memory), the installation must be in pairs. The Rambus memory must be to the memory slots on the motherboard was filled to normal use, if not insert too many, you need to use a similar shape with the Rambus-specific "cascaded device" inserted in the free slot.
Memory, or damage due to poor quality job insecurity caused by system failure, the computer repair process, most of the problems encountered. Such as the system frequently appear "blue screen of death" and "registry corrupted" error or Windows often automatically enter safe mode. Such as during "registry error", we can enter safe mode, in the operation of typing "MSCONFIG" command to "Start" key in the front ScanRegistry "V" to remove, and then restart the computer. If the troubleshooting, indicating that the problem really is caused by the registry errors; If the problem still exists, basically you can conclude that the machine memory problems, then need to use the replacement method, put on a good memory performance test whether there is The same failure. Sometimes, for a long time not to defrag, no error checking, it will also result in system errors and prompt registry errors, but in no such problems running "ScanRegistry", the system can function properly, but the velocity significantly slower. Address these failures in addition to replacement of memory, you can also try adjusting the motherboard BIOS in memory-related parameters. If the memory not meet the quality set in the BIOS of the target, the memory will work in the non-steady state, the proposed reduction in the BIOS, one by one CAS, RAS and other parameters of the set value. If your memory is not a name brand quality products, the best choice for the default setting for the "SPD", or "auto-detect mode." In the SPD mode, the system automatically from the SPD chip memory access to information, so in theory, when the working status of the memory is the most stable.

In most of the memory synchronous mode, the memory speed and CPU FSB is the same. But now, many motherboards support "asynchronous memory speed", that is the work of the two frequencies were different. Typical VIA KT333 motherboard, for example, found after entering BIOS "DRAM Clock (memory clock)" option, that is "Host Clock (bus frequency and memory frequency synchronization), Hclk-33M (bus frequency by 33M), Hclk +33 M (bus frequency plus 33M) and other three models. If the memory job instability, of course, the memory operating speed can be set too low a number.
2. Compatibility Fault Treatment

Memory upgrade of computer accessories in one of the most vulnerable. Because we use computers is a combination of products from different vendors together, a user is most concerned about incompatibility problems. Because the upgrade properly, will result in system instability, memory capacity can not fully identify, or even start a series of failures.

During the upgrade process, often mixed into memory problems, one of which is due to single and double sided memory mixed into the result. Often require double the memory occupied by two "BANK", and some older models may have compatibility issues motherboard (INTEL's LX/BX/810/815 like the old board), it only recognizes half the capacity. To single, double memory, understanding would also like to say a few words, in fact, they themselves no good or bad, the difference is small, but the most important thing is to see which package is better supported by the motherboard chipset. Undeniable is that the same amount of memory, single-sided level of integration than higher, after the date of production rely on, so the work they will be more stable Bale. In addition we are very concerned about the two different specifications of the memory is able to use the same motherboard, in fact, different manufacturers, different models, different speed memory can be used together, but the stability of the system has some influence, particularly the affect overclocking performance. So users in the use of two or more of memory, you should try to choose the same brand and model of the product, so you can maximize the memory is not compatible to avoid the phenomenon. If you can not buy the same memory with the original product, should be adopted in the market reputation of the brand better memory, they generally have been strictly a special match and compatibility testing, the components, design and quality can be achieved or exceed industry standards. Of course, not all brands have good memory compatibility. Again, use the BIOS on the motherboard should pay attention to the parameters will be set on the memory too conservative, such as DDR266 and DDR400 memory, the memory of the case mix can be the memory parameter settings according to the requirements of DDR266, while SPD function should be disabled, to avoid confusion.

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