How the internet wil lead to world-wide democracy

The world wide web is already making life difficult for totalitarian regimes such as Iran and China. Despite attempts to block off connection to democracies, all such regimes are fighting a losing battle. The internet will dethrone them.
By: jeffery saunders
Feb. 5, 2011 - PRLog -- The world wide web is already making life difficult for totalitarian regimes such as Iran and China. Despite attempts to block off connection to democracies, all such regimes are fighting a losing battle, and one which will eventually lead to world-wide freedom. Long story short, the reason is because of the inherent nature of people to seek freedom, and spiritual fulfilment.

China currently employs 30,000 people to monitor the web and block those sites prejudicial against the values of the communist regime. They also pay ’50 centers’ as they’ve become known to write articles favouring the regime and to flood Chinese language sites with these, for which the writers are paid the equivalent of 50 cents. China is fighting a rearguard action to protect its idealogical purity and state control, but its people will inconveniently be propelled by the desire for truth, honesty and transparency, qualities that are keenly sought by citizens anywhere but especially in societies where these are most lacking.

Iran and Egypt, during their political crises, have tried to block written or pictorial stories about the internal strife from reaching the outside world. Iran especially attempted to block journalistic communication with its citizens, knowing that the theocracy would be most powerful when it could divide and conquer, keeping information from its people and preventing them from hearing criticism from the free world.

Egypt now faces the prospect of regime change, and this will very likely lead to the development of another Muslim theocracy, because many Egyptians still think that the monocultural religious path is the approach that God would ordain. The same occurred in Iran, when the Shah’s monarchy was overthrown, and a theocratic dictator installed in his place.

However, these regimes and the many like them are living on borrowed time. As access to the internet spreads, there is a spiritual spark within people that is activated. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. When individuals have their eyes opened to greater opportunities for prosperity, for new ideas such as ways to get political and religious freedom, and most of all, to hear the truth about the cultural and social norms they have long come to accept, change will happen.

Of course there will be hiccups along the way. The internet allows those who are evil, controlling and have a preference for violence to also pedal their wares. However, the influence of groups like al qaeda will be short-lived. While the internet in the short-term will help them to be more effective with their commitment to violence through communication and the solicitation of followers, this situation will not last.

Even the most damaged human beings eventually seek love, peace, harmony, opportunities for growth and prosperity and the freedom inherent in these opportunities. Terrorism is really just a rear-guard attempt by the old schools through domination, control, and the promotion of fear of the divine to exact revenge on those whom they perceive to be their oppressors or perpetrators of evil or both.

The world wide web is like a vast river flowing back on itself. Wherever there is a blockage, the water of communication will find a way around it. A perfect example is the way in which an American developed a means by which the Iranian masses could circumvent the blocks the regime there had imposed. The development of the haystack software enabled ordinary Iranians to continue communicating with one another and with the outside world.

In time, people will be constantly exposed to the inadequacies in their own countries, and the mouth-watering offerings elsewhere. Their spiritual motivation for honesty, integrity, and freedoms already mentioned will propel their desires for a better life. The desire to self-actualize and become fully who they are able to be will propel them to take actions that support their self-determination and passions for empowerment.

Although it may take time, the internet will become the great leveller. It will open up education, insight, hope and opportunity to all global citizens. The more widespread computers and access to the internet become, the more these freedoms will be sought.

And there is nothing that totalitarian regimes can do about it. The internet is required for business even in those countries to remain viable. Closing down the internet totally would plunge any country that tried this into instant poverty. The dictatorships of the worlds are on their last legs. Spiritual needs, motivation and the desire to fulfil these will propel humanity to optimize its future.

Democracies that are less than open and transparent will also be challenged as Wikileaks has demonstrated. The spiritual integrity sought by all people will also continue to unfold in the West where many countries still rely on secrecy and lack of transparency. The USA is leading the charge to bring Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to court. However, Assange and his team are the guardians of genuine spiritual development. Their efforts will expose corruption and will become an attack on regimes desperate to retain their secret, illegitimate and inhumane practices.

There is a new order on the way, and we will all want to be part of it. Actually, we will have no choice. The voices of those who still seek more freedom will demand it. We have the choice to support and be part of the solution by encouraging this new openness, or become part of the problem and align with secrecy and all the distrust and despair that leads from that.

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Jeff Saunders is a freelance writer who has taught personal and spiritual development and trained others in this field for over twenty years. He’s a counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach in private practice, and has trained counsellors, teachers and business people in the fields of communication, personal or professional development, and couples relationships. He’s written numerous articles for magazines on relationships and personal development, usually with a spiritual focus, including his book ‘The 12 Choices of Winners.’

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