New Book on Credit Card Debt Elimination Helps You Get Back on Your Feet

Book unmasks man’s worst enemy, the credit card industry, and educates consumers of the danger lurking in their wallets. For those in overwhelming credit card debt, the book shows a way out by revealing how you can clear your dues in six months.
Jan. 27, 2011 - PRLog -- MAMARONECK, NY, JANUARY 27, 2010:  If credit card dues are pulling you down, here’s the book for you: Get Your Life Back in Six Months - Eliminate Credit Card Debt. Authored by John Cees Freedom, this book is the definitive guide to consumer debt elimination, defending yourself from the creditor’s lawsuit, and credit repair.

Apart from strong, well-researched advice on credit card debt elimination, the book delves deep into the history of usury laws through the centuries and from across the world. Usury, the author says, was frowned upon from time immemorial, but it was the ingenious and persistent lobbying of credit card companies in the USA that changed the rules of the game decisively in their favor.

Credit card debt, the book argues, played a very important role in the recent meltdown in the American and the global economy. But it does not squarely lay the blame for such ruin on the credit card companies. Consumers used their credit cards irresponsibly and gave in to the temptations of instant gratification, thus running up debts of thousands of dollars.
Yet, the takeaway from this book is hope and not despair. To err is human and this book on credit card settlement is also about how to not to err once again. The road out of ‘debt jngy hell’ is not easy though, as the bankruptcy laws were significantly changed, thanks to the pressure tactics of credit card companies.

That’s why this book. It spells out in detail the steps you need to take from Day 1 of your debt clearance journey, until you are safely out of the quagmire. For instance, there are tips on cutting down expenses without really taking away too much comfort or causing you any major inconvenience. The book offers templates for letters to the credit card companies, debt settlement companies, and credit reporting agencies, too.  It is also a step-by-step guide to fighting lawsuits that may be brought against the consumer, all written in plain, reader-friendly language. And, once all the credit card dues are cleared and lawsuits dealt with, the book lets you in on repairing your credit score.

The book has a ring of authenticity to it because it is inspired by the author’s own success in settling his credit card dues for a fraction of the amount owed. It advocates responsible consumer behavior and cautions against falling for the debt trap again in the future.

One of the things about the book that make it highly relevant and useful in clearing credit card balances is that it is not written by a financial geek, but a consumer who understands the questions and doubts a layperson may have when taking on debt settlement or credit card companies. If the reader seeks more detailed and professional legal advice, there’s also a helpful list of lawyer firms with their contact details laid out in the book.

Lastly, a word of caution for those expecting the economy to get back on its feet and thus somehow alleviate their financial woes: the author feels the US recovery is only going to be fragile. So, be on your guard and stay clear of the dreaded credit card.

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