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How to overcome the seven biggest mistakes individuals make when working with a finanical advisor.
By: Bosque Financial, Inc
Jan. 17, 2011 - PRLog -- A Central Texas multi-family wealth management office reveals…

How to overcome the 7 BIGGEST mistakes individuals make when working with a financial advisor (that could be costing you tens of thousands).  If you have over $100,000 to invest, you can’t  afford to be without this FREE REPORT.

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As I said, that is a big promise and perhaps you are not yet convinced that YOUR financial advisor could be making mistakes that could be costing YOU MILLIONS!  But I’m convinced that if you read the rest of this letter and take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to you (if you qualify)…then “THANK YOU MICHAEL” will become your mantra!

Welcome to Bosque Financial, Inc.  A Comprehensive Family Wealth Management Firm.  I’ll be your guide.  If you let me, I’ll take you on a journey that will explore that dream relationship (what is a Personal Financial Officer?) and you will discover exactly what Bosque Financial, Inc is all about (and why it matters to you).

First, what is a financial advisor?  It seems like everyone is billing himself or herself as a financial advisor or a financial planner these days.  

There are Certified Financial Planners, fee based financial planners, there are hourly rate financial planners, and there are independent financial planners.  There are planners who only sell plans, but won’t help you implement them, and there are plenty of planners who will do the plan for free, if you buy the investments from them.  How do you separate them all?  How do you if you have found someone who will truly help your family achieve financial independence?  What do they all do exactly?  

The fact is that nobody knows for sure.  A property & casualty insurance office had a sign out front the other day offering rates on certificates of deposit (CD’s).  Stockbrokers are selling equity index variable annuities (what the heck does that mean?), bankers are selling NASDAQ linked certificates of deposit, and insurance agents are selling mutual funds.  There are so many financial choices out there now, it’s absolutely mind numbing to consider them all.  Your brain would probably explode.

This may offend some of you, but here goes.  For the purposes of this letter, we are lumping everyone who sells any type of financial services together under the title of financial advisor.  That means that all those people are considered basically the same.  They would all jump up and down, and scream and shout their disagreement, but they are not reading this, you are.

Second, we’ve used the concept of working with a financial advisor in the title of this report.  
We would like that to mean that you already have a financial advisor, and you are reading this to either a) gain peace of mind that you made the right decision, or b) you are afraid you made a mistake and you want to find out if that’s true, and if so, how you can fix it.  We will answer all of those questions.  It could also mean that you are considering hiring a financial advisor.  

Here at Bosque Financial, Inc., we also measure wealth in terms of time.  If you stopped working tomorrow, with your present level of spending, how long would your money last?  You could have a nest egg of $1.5 million, but if you spend $500,000 a year, you can only live for three years.  You see the difference?  A large nest egg DOES NOT make you wealthy.  What makes you truly wealthy is PASSIVE INCOME.  What is passive income?  Income you don’t have to work for, and this is the important part – that is dependable.  You get it whether the stock market goes up, down, or sideways.

***Don’t think nest egg, think in terms of…

We can help you create the passive income to buy the time to live life on your own terms!
We see it as our mission to help you turn you nest egg into that golden goose.

What do typical financial firms tell their clients?  Work hard, get a good job, invest for the long term, and diversify.


Inside of their retirement plan at work (401k, 403b, 457, etc).  The only investment choices you have are the ones the 401k firm provides!  Was that plan designed for you?  Or was it selected because it would appeal to the highest number of people?  You know what means?  Appealing to everyone means appropriate for no one!

What if you switch employers multiple times throughout your career?  Even if you were smart, maxed out your 401k, and rolled over your 401k’s (when you switched jobs) into an IRA, and maxed that out (your ira), what happens when it comes time to take out that money?  You got it, your good old Uncle Sam comes along and takes his cut.  What if there was a way to withdraw funds from your IRA and minimize the taxes you had to pay on the distributions?  Do you think it would be important to know how to do that?  

What about saving money at the bank?  A savings account gives you 1% return, maybe 3% if you are really lucky, and inflation is at 3 or 4% (depending on who you ask), so you have 100% chance of losing money (when you factor in the bite your Uncle Sam will take)….and yet people think that a savings account is one of the SAFEST investments you can make!  

What advice do we here at Bosque Financial, Inc. give?  Keep reading to find out how you CAN make money from the STOCK MARKET TANKING!

Bosque Financial, Inc. was created the day I was wandering the stores of a second hand bookshop, soaking in the aroma of preservative free yellowed paper and old binding glue, when I found it.  An article written in 1884 on financial planning for affluent individuals, written about advisors who served some of the richest families in the country.

I learned how when the great fortunes of the industrial age were made, by families like the Rockefeller’s and the Carnegies, they had no one to serve as their personal financial officers.  They created the concept by starting offices for their families, to handle the management of their wealth.  They put to work financial planners, accountants, insurance agents, stock brokers, mortgage brokers, bankers, real estate agents, lawyers, and personal shoppers (to name a few).

Once I discovered the concept, I knew the lives of a chosen few families I would pick to represent, would never be the same.  On that day Bosque Financial, Inc.was founded. Bosque Financial, Inc. was founded to better meet my own need to help people.  

You see, the majority of my clients already had some sort of financial advisor when they met me.  My biggest client had over six.  And after meeting with me, over time, all six of those advisors were fired.  Replaced by me.  Why?  

Because those clients have all discovered what you are about to learn.  They discovered that their previous financial advisor had been making the following 7 mistakes (and they wanted me to fix it).

Perhaps your 401k has turned into a 201k.  Perhaps you are invested in things you shouldn’t be in.  Perhaps you are not as diversified as you think you are.   By the way, owning ten different investments DOES NOT make you diversified.  As a matter of fact, the odds are, owning all those investments probably means you are potentially taking a HUGE RISK!  Perhaps you are also being overcharged, and don’t even know it.

Yours in financial independence,

Michael R Sharp
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