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Contrary to all other treatments of prostatitis, a chronic prostatitis treatment invented by Dr Simon Allen is effective and free from side effects. This device treats the cause of prostatitis successfully by reducing swelling of the prostate.
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Dec. 31, 2010 - PRLog -- Specially designed, Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Care comfortable to wear and will not affect man’s day-to-day activities. This device treats the cause of chronic prostatitis successfully by reducing swelling of the prostate.

Widely used treatments of chronic prostatitis may harm

Medication does not reach a prostate gland easily, therefore:
-   a long course (of antibiotics 6 - 12 weeks or longer) is not useful as most antibiotics do not get into the prostate tissue easily. As a result, antibiotic resistance and nonbacterial forms of Prostatitis are common complications;
-   and the most common medications for nonbacterial chronic prostatitis - alpha-blockers, such as tamsulosin or alfuzosin creating a lot of side effects side effects: weakness; dizziness; fainting; a weak, cold, clammy skin, dyspepsia, nausea, etc.

After the TURP surgery about 20% of patients can experience problems with sexual function later. Some patients require a repeated TURP within 5 years of their first surgery.

Chronic prostatitis treatment invented by Dr Simon Allen

Contrary to all other treatments, Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Care provides natural treatment for chronic prostatitis and has shown effective results. This device:

# Provides essential treatment for the cause of chronic prostatitis;
# Relieves pain and eases urination dysfunctions;
# Provides necessary treatment free from adverse side effects.  
Please watch a clip from youtube:

The Thermobalancing therapy is in a core of new Chronic Prostatitis treatment

The Thermobalancing therapy which has no side effects has been developed by Dr Simon Allen on the basis of his medical discovery related to the origination of various internal health disorders. Essentially, this natural therapy targets the Chronic Prostatitis disorder at the level of capillaries, i.e. tiny bold vessels, which play a crucially important role in the restorative processes inside the body, read more on our website:

The natural thermo-element is the key part of Dr Allen’s therapeutic device for the chronic prostatitis treatment, which acts locally when it is applied to the back of the body in projection of the prostate. Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Care creates an ideal environment for capillaries to stabilise the body temperature in the prostate tissue. This reduces pressure inside the prostate gland and improves the blood flow, which cleanses the prostate naturally, thereby helping the prostate tissue to recover from prostatitis.

More information about the device can be found on the Fine Treatment website:

Dr Simon Allen explains, “The Thermobalancing therapy is highly effective for the treatment of chronic prostatitis because it deals with the cause of this problem”.

# # #

Revolutionary Dr Allen’s Devices treat different internal health conditions when they are applied to the skin in the projection of the affected area and provide a long-term treatment for the cause of pain and the disorder, not just its symptoms.
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