Maintaining Balance In Our Lives

Balance is important when setting goals.
Dec. 15, 2010 - PRLog -- Maintaining Balance In Our Lives
By Jason Ratcliff

There was a popular phrase in the Christian community that began in the 1990’s known as “What would Jesus do?” often abbreviated WWJD. It was a reminder to believers that they were to act in a manner in which Jesus would approve. It gained such popularity that “WWJD” was placed on bracelets and worn by Christians as a constant reminder of their faith.

As believers, we should all strive to be more like Christ and adhere to His teachings while keeping in mind that we will always fall short. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need a savior.  Christ gave His life because of our shortcomings. It is important to always keep things in perspective and work hard in maintaining balance in our lives. Setting high expectations for ourselves is a noble task as long as we do not get discouraged when we don’t meet them.

Although I strive to be like Christ, in reality I know I’m more like King David. Just like David, I am chosen, I am anointed, I am a warrior and I make mistakes. Maintaining balance brings peace because we can see both sides clearly. On one side we see perfection and on the other we see reality. When we go too far to one side we can lose sight of the other. When we apply this principal to our lives, it frees us from the fear of setting goals too high and from disappointment when we miss them.

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Jason Ratcliff owns Empower Defense and Life Skills LLC. A self defense and personal development company located in Ohio. He is a 15 year police veteran and is a graduate of The Southern Ohio School of Ministry. Jason can be reached through his website at or at 614-989-9644

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