Hayes Trading Co Provides Loading Dock Solutions For All Budgets

Finding the right loading dock solution can be confusing and expensive. Here are helpful options that will address your operational needs and your budget. Get maximum efficiency and Grade A quality at the best price.
Nov. 23, 2010 - PRLog -- Hayes Trading Co provides a full range of loading dock solutions for budgets ranging from $100 to over $10,000.

Problem #1: You do not have a dock but you need to unload Vans, Semi-Trailers, or Shipping Containers.  

Solution: Steel Yard Ramp or Truck Scissor Dock Lift

Problem #2: You need to replace an existing dock leveler or install a new one.

Quick Solution: Dock Board; Permanent Solution:  Manual Dock Leveler or Electric  Hydraulic Dock Leveler.

Problem #3: You don’t have the budget to install a new dock leveler (including pit construction):  

Solution:  Install Edge-of-dock Leveler with minimum installation compared to full size dock leveler.

Problem #4: You need a semi-permanent solution to get from your dock area to the ground with your forklift.  

Solution:  Dock to Ground Ramp

Problem #5: You have a dock but no dock leveler and you need a quick, inexpensive solution to bridge the gap between the edge of your dock area and the truck bed when  loading or unloading that does not involve installation of any kind.  

Solution:  Dock Boards or Dock Plates are a good remedy and the right one depends on the weight capacity and resources you have available to move it back and forth into place, i.e. by hand or by forklift.

Product Details For The Solutions Above:

Steel Yard Ramp (also called Truck Loading Ramp or Forklift Ramp)

Mobile/Portable Steel Yard Ramps with wheels and a level off area are great solutions to unload your vans if dock access is not available.  They also provide additional means for unloading if dock access is limited.  Standard sizes of the ramps are below.  To choose the correct capacity for your forklift, multiply the capacity of your forklift times three.  So if your forklift has a capacity of 8,000 lbs, you need a ramp that exceeds 24,000 lbs in capacity.   Standard width is 84” (76” usable allowing for curbs).  Truck loading ramps are normally 36’ long with a 30’ incline and a 6’ level off area to get the forks down on your forklift in order to access the load at the rear of the van.

Steel Yard Ramps come in four standard capacities with the ability to build custom ramps to fit your specs.

16,000 lb
20,000 lb
25,000 lb
30,000 lb
Custom Steel Yard Ramps are available up to 80,000 lbs

Truck Scissor Dock Lifts

Truck Scissor Dock Lifts enable you to access a van from the ground when the area is limited by lifting you and your hand truck or forklift up to the height of the truck bed.  They come in a variety of platform sizes 48”x96” up to 96”x144” and from 5,000 lb capacity up to 12,000 lb capacity.

Dock to Ground Ramp

Dock to Ground Ramps provide a relatively inexpensive way to get your forklifts from the dock area down to the ground and back without building a concrete ramp.  This provides flexibility, especially for building managers who need the ability to adapt the loading dock area for future tenants.

Dock to Ground Ramps are available in 4 standard capacities with custom builds available, including recessed curbs that enable you to close your dock door while leaving the ramp in place.

16,000 lb
20,000 lb
25,000 lb
30,000 lb
Custom Dock to Ground Ramps up to 80,000 lbs

Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers are available in three different models:  Truck Actuated, Manual and Electric Hydraulic.  You choose the type and size that best meets your needs from  6’x5’ to 7’x10’.  Standard capacities are 20,000 lbs with upgrades available up to 50,000 lbs for manually operated to 80,000lbs for the electric hydraulic models.

Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers are great when you do not have the space or budget to justify a full size dock leveler.  They mount to the edge of your dock and come with bumpers and are much easier to install.  Operation is very similar to the full size dock levelers.   They are also available in manual or electric models. You give of some service range as they require docks to be between 48” and 51” high to accommodate standard vans.  Full size dock levelers can accommodate service heights 12” above or 12” below the dock.

Dock Plates & Dock Boards

Dock Plates and Dock Boards are a quick simple solution.  The board or plate is put down to bridge the gap between your dock and the bed of the truck.  These can be moved by hand if light enough or if they have rollers.  If too heavy, they are designed to be moved into place with your forklift.  Capacities vary from the lower end with Dock Plates at 500 lbs to 20,000 lbs for dock boards depending on your requirements.

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