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GPRS-Global Pinoy Remittance and Services is Now Open For Franchising! Good news to all OFWs and businessmen who are planning to start their own business without a fear of losing their investment.GPRS, with its TOP of the Line services... is SUCCESS!
By: Ernie Gaac - GPRS Marketing Dept.
Sept. 16, 2010 - PRLog -- GPRS , Global Pinoy Remittance and Services is the country's pioneer with its All In One packaged services such as Bills Payment Center,Remittance Center,Ticketing/Booking Office and Loading Station in ONE OUTLET. Now, more than ever, we continue to blaze the trail in the industry by providing outsourced bills collection solutions to our corporate partners, and providing the public with a reliable and convenient payment collection service.

Who we are...
-Remittance Company
-Aggregator for Merchants, Banks, TelCos, Carriers and RemCos
-Has more than 200 remittance partners around the world
-IT Support
-System Provider

GPRS Services

The GPRS System has an online transactional and reporting facility
powered by Unlitech. It is capable of doing the following:

International Coverage

   * Australia
   * Austria
   * Canada
   * Greece
   * Ireland
   * Hongkong
   * Japan
   * Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
   * New Zealand
   * Palau
   * Qatar
   * Singapore
   * Spain
   * Taiwan
   * U.A.E.
   * Oman
   * Kuwait
   * U.K.
   * U.S.A.

Enjoy these accesible features using GPRS express remit.

GPRS to GPRS outlets
Send and receive your remittance to GPRS outlets.
We have 200 remittance partners around the world and 96 outlets
throughout the Philippines and still growing.

GPRS to credit to bank
Send cash via ATM anytime anywhere with GPRS credit to bank feature.
This enables you to send your remittance in any GPRS outlet
and remit to any bank account and to any bancnet or megalink
supported ATM.

GPRS Pick Up Thru Pera Padala
GPRS in partnership with CLSC Pera Padala, is bringing the Pick Up
service to the Global Filipino community.
The Remittance is claimed by the beneficiary over the counter
hru all Cebuana Lhuillier's branches nationwide. Pera Padala
for immediate money transfer without the
answers the needs of Students, Workers and other Customers worries of maintaining
a band account.
With branches spread all over the country, customers will have an
easier time to remit and claim money.

GPRS to Smart Padala/Smart Money and G-cash
You can also send and receive cash using SmartMoney,
Smart Padala and G-cash services through GPRS. Receive money
via cellphone
and remit to the nearest Smart or Globe outlets nationwide.
You can also remit your SmartMoney/Smart Padala and G-cash to
GPRS outlets

GPRS from International Remittance partners
GPRS aims to make the lives of OFWs and their loved ones
convenient and easy.
They can now pick-up money remitted with our international
partners in any of our GPRS outlets nationwide.

•Remittance Income
•   GPRS to GPRS Branch  - Outlet will earn 25% of the service charge of sending and 25% of payout Maximum service charge is P210.00 P210.00   x   25%  =  P52.50 income per transaction P52.50   x   20 transactions/day  =   P1,050.00/day P1,050.00  x  30days   =   P31,500.00 income per month.

   GPRS  to Non-GPRS Branch -outlet earns up to 15% of the service charge of sending. Maximum Service Charge is P240.00 P240.00   x   15%   =   P36.00 income per transaction P36.00   x  20 transactions/day  =   P720.00/day P720.00   x  30days   =  P21,600.00 income per month

Total Remittance Income    =   P53,100.00

Income on ticketing
•LOCAL TICKET:     Service charge    (150 to 300) / ticket    
assume in a month 100 ticket (include round trip)    
100 ticket  X  250/ticket  =  25,000/mo. •
INTERNATIONAL:     Service charge:   (750 to 1,200) /ticket  
assume in a month 25 ticket (include round trip)      25 ticket  X  800/ ticket  =  20,000/mo.
Total income: P45,000.00

Bills Payment Income
10,000 Households    * (3) bills/ households •= 30,000 Transactions      
30,000 transaction x P4     = P120,000.00/ mo
•Franchisee is allowed to collect minimum P10.00 per transaction if they will pick up the bills 100 transactions   x  P10.00   =   P1,000.00/day               P1,000.00  x   30days  =   P30,000.00/mo
Total Income: P150,000.00/month

•Loading Income-up to 14.5% income on (retailing)     up to 2.5% dealership income
Retailing Income
Smart     Globe    Sun Cellular  
1,000          1,000           500
x  14.5%     x 14%        x 15%  
P145.00       P140.00         P75  
Retailing Income-P360x 30 days Total Retailing Income per month     = P10,800

Dealership if retailer sales P1,000.00  x  100 retailers (Globe, Smart & Sun)  
Total retailers sales         =   P100,000.00
100,000.00   x  2.5%      =  P2,500.00  2,500.00   x   30days       = P75,000.00

Retailing Income        =  P10,800.00
Dealership Income     P75,000.00
Total Loading Income   = P 85,800.00

How do I earn in this business?

   * Payment collection (P3.00 to P6.00/transaction)
   * Money remittance service (P55.00/transaction) or more
   * Debit Card application (P100/approved application)
   * Ticketing/Booking ( P300 to P1,000 per ticket-local and international
   * Loading Station -Smart,Globe and Sun Cellular (14.5% retailing / 2.5% Dealership)

License Fee         -P 75,000.00 +12% VAT •
Franchise Fee      -P 100,000.00 + 12% VAT
•Dealership Kit     -P 150,000
                                 Total P346,000
16 dealers kit (P6500)  
300 Retailer Card(P300)
Signage              -2”  x  8”      
Marketing flyers   2,000 pcs.
GPRS Account (transactional)      
License to use the system for five years      
Training and Marketing Support      
Customer Service Assistance   24/7              

- Pre-Application
- GPRS Application Form  (filled up)
- Legal Documents (photocopy)
- Location Map
- Payment
- space of at least 10 m2  
- Personal Computer (desktop preferred)
- Internet Connection
- Printer (dot matrix) Telephone/Telefax (Fax Machine)
- P100,000.00  security deposit
- P150,000.00 REVOLVING FUND
- LandBank or BDO Bank Account ( enrolled in Internet Banking )
- Remittance License

Total estimated investment : P596,000 only

ROI is very short - 4 to 6 months only.

Franchise Benefits

   * Performance-based Revenue
   * Not Bound by Business Exclusivity
   * Consumer Traffic Generator
   * Repeat Customer Visits
   * Business During Lean Hours
   * Business Support
   * Established Credibility


GPRS -Marketing Department / Approval Officer
ERNIE "nestor" Gaac
Tel:  (02) 741-6402 /  543-3850 / 0908-1139296

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