iDream Studios New Recording Model Executive Interview

iDream Studios executives, DJ Parker, Founder and Chief Visionary and Barrie Holley, Founder and CEO answer music industry questions about their new music recording model.
By: Angela Ursprung, Chief Marketing Officer
Aug. 31, 2010 - PRLog -- Thank you for being here today gentlemen. We are very interested in your new music recording model and hear that it is going to revolutionize the music industry as we know it and help independent artists build strong recording businesses.

1. The name iDream is interesting.  How did you come up with that name?

DJ Parker:
Most people in Life give up on their dreams, for whatever the reason. Especially musicians.   For most musicians, their dream is to earn a living from selling music and performing live shows.   So we created a company where musicians have access to "top end" resources and "expert" knowledge to help realize their dreams of selling music and performing live.  The individual dream of each musician is the reason they play, sing, rap, etc.  iDream is the place where musicians can dream. And we wanted the company's name to reflect the company's vision.

iDream, therefore,  I am.

2. What is iDream?

DJ Parker:
Simply, iDream is a sound recording studio with the added values: digital technology, affordable services, professionally trained engineers, available 24 hours everyday, performance amphitheater, social network, and e-comm marketplace so artists can sell digital content globally.

3. Who is on the iDream executive team and what do they bring to the table?  

DJ Parker:
DJ Parker, is the visionary and creator of the idea. His background includes indy record label, artist/producer management, retail management, ad agency management, and intimate knowledge of our customers.

Barrie Holley, co founder and CEO, is the lead executive. His background includes private equity, business management, artist management, eMarketing, web-portal creator.

We also have Arne Frager, Grammy winning engineer/producer and former owner of The Plant Studios in Sausalito. His background includes 40 years of studio ownership and management, sound engineering instructor, and pioneering digital distribution in the 90's.    

Rendell Richards of Scale Finance will be our CFO. His background includes business management, Director of Finance, Global Controller, and CFO with Tyco Electronics, COMSAT Laboratories, and CB Richard Ellis.

Angela Ursprung of Adsource Media will be our CMO. Her background includes business management, marketing and sales management, and COO within the advertising and health industries.

4. Why iDream? a. Why are you pursuing this type of company as opposed to something else?  

DJ Parker:
We've created a solution to a major problem plaguing artists world wide. As a former artist, I realize most aspiring musicians have huge desires but lack the "know how" to properly pursue their dreams. iDreams' solutions will help artists, everywhere, monetize their music, providing income for themselves and their families.

5. I understand that your founding principal is that iDream is a recording studio chain based on a new talent-centered business model (vs label-or management-centered) which will change the music industry. a. How specifically are you planning to change the industry?     

Barrie Holley:
“Change” for change’s sake holds no merit for us.  The true purpose of any business is to profitably supply goods and services to customers who demand these goods and services, and who are willing and able to pay for them.  

iDream, as a concept, is not meant to “change” anything, although change may be the inevitable.

Historically, professional sound recording studios have been modeled to supply the demand of institutional purchasers (i.e. major record labels and advertising agencies) who have virtually unlimited recording and distribution budgets and resources.  I affectionately refer to these institutional entities as the M.I.C., or Music Industrial Complex.

However, the irony of the matter is that, according to a recent IFPI report, the estimated potential market for independently-produced music is roughly three times the market for studio-backed projects.  Furthermore, the root cause of this inequity is directly attributed to a lack of affordability and accessibility to quality, professional sound recording and distribution services.

Therein lies the idea that birthed the concept that is iDream, which is the elimination of barriers to entry for independent artists to commercially produce and distribute their own content, themselves".

6. Similarly to other recording studios, you want to work with major artists as well?

DJ Parker:
Sure, everyone is welcome! But major artists have access to studios, while  aspiring artists do not. But everyone is welcome!

7. In addition to independent artists, two of the groups you say you want to reach out to are churches and schools.   Why is that?

DJ Parker:
Churches and schools have an abundance of music talent and content, and both are looking to raise funds for various projects. iDream's solutions will help them implement music based fund raising programs.

8. In addition to recording services, what else will you offer?

Barrie Holley:

iDREAM™ will provide:
  ·  Digital/mobile marketplace and social networking services
  ·  State of the art amphitheater for listening parties, live shows, and film screenings
  ·  Music education via online modules for new content creators

9. So let’s say you are successful and that those who currently don’t have the means to build their music careers are successful with you.   How does that contribute to changing the music industry?     

Barrie Holley:
We WILL be successful for the very fact that we ARE providing independents the means (i.e. affordability and access) to build their music careers.  That is the whole crux of vision of iDream and its business model.  That doesn’t change the music industry, per se, it democratizes it.

10. Greensboro, NC is your first planned location. a. Why did you pick Greensboro, NC?

Barrie Holley:
We picked Greensboro because it had all the target market metrics that facilitate iDream in successfully carrying out its vision.  It has a vibrant, under-served independent music community, it is a top media market, and the supply of professional recording service providers is woefully inadequate.  We have found that this perfect storm of attributes is present in towns and cities across America.

b. Where will you be located?

Barrie Holley:
We will be located directly off of Interstate 40, in the Vanstory Crossing shopping center, next to Guitar Center and Gander Mountain, and directly across from the Koury Convention Center and the Four Seasons Mall.

e. How many jobs will you be creating with this first location?

We will be creating 38 jobs with the first location.

12. Where will you be heading next?

Barrie Holley:
The first phase of our plan is to have 50 operating facilities in the USA, one for each state, giving us critical mass.  Subsequent phases of our plan will geographically “fill out” the service capacity of each state and region.  The third phase will concentrate on replicating iDream’s business model internationally.

a. When do you believe you’ll be breaking ground there?

We anticipate breaking ground on our 50 US locations within the next twelve months.

b. How many jobs will you be creating with these next locations?  
Approximately 1,700 jobs total.

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IDREAM™ will be the only affordable music recording studio in the World to be fully loaded with premier digital recording equipment as well as outfitted with intelligent lighting design and digital video recording systems.
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