Facebook Shutting Down Conservatives? Identities Being Deleted Without Notice

Facebook--the self-proclaimed Social Networking Icon--has recently begun deleting politically- charged accounts without warning.
Aug. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- Jane Jamison, who operates the Conservative Website "Uncoverage.net" has a thriving web presence which offers a "right-wing" perspective of ongoing news items as well as media events.  Facebook is one of the social networking tools which Jane has utilized in order to initiate new contacts as well as to stay in touch with existing friends.

On August the 22nd Jane's Facebook profile, complete with as many as 5,000 friends and contacts, was wiped off of the face (book) of the earth.  Jane tells us that this practice has apparently become "a hobby" to those in charge of the social networking site.  Unfortunately she is right.  Jane's experience was not the only one in the very recent past that we are familiar with.  In fact, on or about July 20th my "Conservative Refocus" Facebook profile was also deleted along with 3,000 + friends and contacts.

Luckily, I did have a back-up profile which left some of my more local contacts in place.  However, trying to piece one's vast network of friends back together after a few years is no easy thing.

Below is an article which Jane wrote as a result of her "summary dismissal" from Facebook:

August 23, 2010:  9:39 p.m. (PST)

I have heard from a number of Facebook friends.   This has apparently been happening quite a bit to conservatives on Facebook.  There is no “warning” from the service…they are suddenly just “disabled.”   They follow instructions (as I did) to appeal the decision but hear nothing.

My final attempt to communicate with Facebook after telling them I would not email personal information to them, was an email that ” bounced” back to me as unsent and undeliverable.   This leads me to believe that I might have been hacked and that it wasn’t Facebook that cancelled me.   Melanie Morgan tells me Move America Forward’s website was hacked Sunday after its members took part in the Code Pink demonstration.      It was shortly after I posted my stories about the Code Pink terrorist connections and their donations to Jerry Brown that I was “disabled” by Facebook.


Here is my new page on Facebook     it is a group page called UNCOVERAGE.net      Send everyone there.  I have a new personal profile but won’t use it as  much.  

Update 11:58 a.m.:

Facebook says it wants me to email them with my driver’s license or passport information to prove that I am a real person?

I don’t think so!  

Facebook has emailed to say that “a complaint” was made by someone that I am a fake profile on Facebook.   This is ridiculous and I have told them so.   This was merely a ploy, and a successful one, to silence me after I posted some critical stories about a Democrat politician in California and the leftwing organization that is giving him money.    I am sure it is no coincidence that my profile was “disabled” within a few hours after those postings.  

Clearly, something is amiss here.   There are any number of “liberal  trolls” with fake profiles on Facebook, we have all been tweaked by them.   There are any number of book authors on Facebook who have pages under their ”pen names.”    I have written for years  and worked radio for years under a pen name.   I do so because in the past when I used my real name for my broadcast and written work, I have had my car vandalized, my home vandalized, phone threats, death threats and my children were approached by strangers at their sports activities.    

Liberals can be very dangerous people, especially here  in the bay area, where I have had my tires flattened and my car windows broken when I attended counterprotests against liberal groups.  They have pushed, shoved and threatened me with violence at their protests over the years when I would show up with counter protest signs or question their activities.  I unfortunately, have to do work with liberals in the San Francisco bay area who undoubtedly would fire me or not hire me due to my political beliefs, so I keep my professional writing persona and my personal life “separate” for my safety.

Jane Jamison is my professional pen name.   I will not be submitting personal information to Facebook, because it is not required by other members.   Facebook said someone has complained I am using a fake identity.   I am not “assuming” any personality of any other person,  I am a writer with a pen name as many people are.   (Remember Dear Abby and “Abigail Van Buren” columns?)

There are many hate groups operating on Facebook.  Where is the policing?   There are many fake profiles with weird photos, many of them liberals who troll on the pages of conservatives like me.  Where is the policing of them on Facebook?

I’m just sayin.’    

August 22, 2010   Jane Jamison Facebook Account “Disabled”

Hey Fellow Patriots!   I am still here and on Twitter…..but suddenly today, Facebook “disabled” my account.  

This occurred, interestingly enough, after I had posted the critical stories on Code Pink’s Jerry Brown fundraiser.  I had posted the story later in the day on Jerry Brown’s facebook site, with a few other comments like:  

“Wake up, California!   The State is Broke!”Could it be that the Attorney General of Kaleeefornia who wants to be YOUR governor (not MINE, evah!) has a bit of “thin skin”?

Could it be that the liberals who run Facebook  (in Palo Alto, isn’t it?)  did Jerry’s bidding if the little dear complained?

Could it be that there is no First amendment right to free speech on Facebook, especially if you are dissing a pet liberal?

I’m just sayin’.

Jane's article tells it like it is, but we wonder if perhaps it was less a "particular article" and more overall Conservative content that has the Facebook folk deleting their loyal and loving members right and left.  Here at Conservative Refocus, we have a bit of a reputation for telling it like it is as well.  But we find it beyond mystifying that Facebook has decided to apparently mitigate political content when, in fact, political content is one of the hot buttons that has made Facebook such a widely used social networking system.  Are we seeing Facebook authoring its own eventual demise?

We have tried to obtain information from Facebook regarding this "wipe off the face of the earth" phenomenon that many Conservatives are undergoing, however the return answers are automated and cold at best and most do not have the leverage of demanding a refund...alas.  Our fearless publicist and researcher Kim tells us that she has gotten one bit of an answer on this unpleasantness should any other Conservatives wish to avoid this conundrum.  "Buy an ad" is the answer if your desire is to post links.

But we also wonder if perhaps any left-wingers are suffering the same fate?  Probably not, since most of those activists work for the Mainstream Media.  Facebook, in our "business acumen experience," might wish to reconsider their mindset in this particular case.  We need only look at recent history to know that far too many websites have been the Author of their own demise through arrogance and otherwise.  But if Facebook would care to look at, oh...say Foxnews, and how they have effectively trounced their network and left-leaning cable competition since the year 2000 we wonder if they might prove to continue their bold acts.

Besides, what was all of that social networking buzz we have been hearing about Google anyway?

# # #

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