DIY Solar Panels - Learn How To Generate Electricity At The Comfort of Home

If you searching for the cheapest way to build your own DIY solar panels, you are in the right place! There are tremendous benefits to installing DIY solar panels, not just environmental benefits but also financial.
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June 2, 2010 - PRLog -- Are you searching for the cheapest way to build your own DIY solar panels to generate free electricity for your house? The good news is that solar panels are more affordable now than ever. Foreign manufacturers are getting in the mix producing high quality solar modules. The government is also making a concerted effort to promote renewable energy as an alternative to dirty sources such as coal and oil. The combination of these two factors makes it incredibly affordable for homeowners to make their own DIY solar panels at the comfort of home. There is no excuse for not transitioning to solar power. Producing your own solar energy reduces your electricity bill as well as contributing to a clean environment.

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The very first step here is to purchase the appropriate materials. A good solar kit will contain high grade solar cells, tabbing wire, and flux pens. Make sure that the solar cells are high in efficiency, as the rate at which solar cells convert sunlight to useable electricity vary widely between different manufacturers. You should be getting at least 15% efficiency on your solar cells.

You will also need a reliable guide on DIY solar panels. If you do plan on connecting your DIY solar panels to your electricity grid, check with your utility to make sure it is possible. Most utilities will allow you to tie the solar electricity back to the grid, however if you live in an area not known for converting sunlight to electricity, you may run into zoning law problems.

Solar energy is truly an ideal solution to helping move our electricity grid to more renewable energy sources. It will be crucially important when we look at our dependence on foreign oil and the national security risks that go along with it.

Points to take note:

1. Government incentives - The government is making it an issue to implement more clean energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels. They are taking drastic measures in terms of financial support to make it economically viable for any person to purchase a solar system panel. In many states you can offset costs by using your property tax.

2. Power Purchase Agreements - If you do not want to buy the solar panels outright you can enter into a power purchase agreement. In this agreement you basically lease the panels. The company installs and maintains the solar panel, while you pay a fixed rate for your solar electricity that is much lower than your current rate for electricity. This means that the price for electricity is stabilized but you do not own the solar system.

3. Do It Yourself - The last option is to do it yourself. If you have the time and ambition to make your own solar panels, you can save a lot of money. Solar kits are available that have all the materials necessary to build your own solar system.

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