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What may our “Romeo & Juliet” now be doing these very exciting, and mystic days and months of 2010?
June 2, 2010 - PRLog -- How famous have “Romeo and the Newer Truer Juliet of the North East” become?  According to some expert reports---exponentially famous, that, of course, concerns our “‘Newer and Truer Juliet-Christy,’” without reluctances or qualms of her identity and or whereabouts with author of numerous, explosive love and horror novels, childrens’ books, the endless volumes of poetry and playwright, revered, initially for Gary Beers’ first literary contribution of “Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence,” a love and inspirational novel.
   Gary Beers’ recent love life with Christy, has become one of interest to many, and as generated and surmised by worldly reports of her now being 1,000,000 times greater in capturing everything associated with the words popularity and fame than, again, famed writer Gary Beers. She created a worldly-wise attention many celebrities only dream. Over the last two weeks, it has been calculated of “Christy’s” noteworthy-fame, as she continues and is romantically linked to Gary Beers; one to be of her mid-thirties, quite possibly a brown-haired person with hue-blues for colored eyes. She has received more attention from the mass media than Gary Beers has himself!  It is already her very name and involvement with writer Gary Beers---no matter where she may reside---the very mystery of her looks or of where she may reside or does in her downtime with Romeo Gary Beers, has created an indelible, media frenzy of all categories from around the world!  Commentaries and thousands of Internet web sites, newspaper and magazine articles, other news sources and releases, have suggested our Christy to be of Central Pennsylvania, and proudly named by Beers’ readers and media said to have coined the name “Newer Truer Juliet” after being definitively connected to Gary Beers as indicated on his web site page.
   Too quite out there for millions of his readers? Gary Beers, author and playwright----known to millions to have created a “quite-low” with “Miss Christy, the ‘Newer-Truer Juliet’” of the North East.
   Confirmed reports state Gary Beers to have his “New” Misses located somewhere in the Central Pennsylvania locale.  There is speculation of whether or not there being of Beers, a proposal from our handsome and lovingly, gorgeous bachelor---know to what millions around the world assert and seemed to have created a makeshift-jealousy of Gary Beers possibly in  private or at the right moment propose to our Newer Truer Juliet!  A 19.3-carat diamond ring was purchased some thirty-days ago from our New York and world-renowned writer for nearly $10,000,000.  
   Rumor and reader-hearsay wonder if Beers is vigilant of Juliet’s ring size, or does he not know such…? Todd Sigstanton of Holland, a commentary publicist for five star writers of the modern world said by telephone his strong belief of Gary Beers proposing when the time is fittingly appropriate.  I think of him to be a man of honor and true loyalty toward her (Christy). I am confident and overly stating, there to have been no news conferences or reports of a planned wedding date by Beers’ publicist, Jill Rice. A devout reader commented, “I am a little jealous, and I do hope he has not found any one too soon.  I mean, he is gorgeous, one, extremely, talented writer, he is so romantic and very rich, and, did I say “gorgeously scrumptious! I heard he has a very high IQ score (Intelligence Quotient)… I think well above 175! I was made aware of this fact as I read “17, Esquire, Time, New York Daily News, Celebrity Bliss, New York Post, and I saw several articles over the last few years outlining the facts in the Enquirer and USA Today! Darn, isn’t that something?” During a face-to-face interview, Candice Richmond of Salt Lake City, Utah, to have gladly acknowledged the preceding annotations.
   Another statement reflecting the very intense and romantic relationship Gary Beers may be having, or shall we state with certainty, a safe assumption by us in knowing Gary Beers, the romanticist and writer that is estimated to have over 150,000,000 fans and readers from all four continents of the world, “IS” having a “A-Love-O’Rama” with our Christy of Pennsylvania!
   Jan Heighterviel of Denmark, stated, that Gary Beers’ life with his new love is one that cannot “ever” be overly speculated, talked about or gossiped enough by millions of bloggers, notably mentioned in numerous topics of any given week on MySpace, Twitter or Google---to only name a few of who in late February reported the former and measured when discussion topics were weighed and measured against all topics discussed, in addition all contacts talked of and those to and from bloggers and chatters to be 378,900,098 of the renowned author and playwright, Gary Beers. Heighterviel further stated gossip concerning Beers and his many talents displayed in a whole host of his expertise of most genres, Heighterviel, proudly exclaimed are excitingly immeasurable!

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