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The idea started from the desire to not waste time for personal car wash. Starting from this conviction and being aware that there are many people who do not want to waste time on car washing, I decided to create The Mobile Car Wash Franchise
By: Wash My Car - The Mobile Car Wash Franchise
May 6, 2010 - PRLog -- When did you have the idea for mobile car wash business?

A.P.: The idea started from the desire to not waste time (especially on weekends) for personal car wash. Personally, I had never been a fan of standing in line and waiting for the weekly beauty maintenance of my car. For this reason I thought I could create a mobile car wash service for the cars placed in business centers and shopping centers. Starting from this conviction and being aware that there are many people who do not want to waste time on car washing, I decided to create Wash My Car – The Mobile car wash franchise! The business started in 2007 in a shopping center’s parking lot in Bucharest - Romania. Our mobile car wash service had the main target all the individuals visiting the shopping center. The working procedure was simple: a promoter located at the entrance in the shopping center had to register the car wash applications. The car wash order was transmitted to an employee charged with the car wash. The promoter had also acted as "cleaning receiver" in order to ensuring quality for each client.

Rep.: What is your niche market?

A.P.: The main market is the mobile car wash market. In this moment we can say that we are leading in number and national coverage of our partners franchisees.

Rep: What are the main customers for the mobile car wash service?

A.P: Our main clients are people who cares about their time and appreciates the novelty and protect nature directly or indirectly.

The mobile car wash service can be provided:
- At the companies headquarters
- In the parking lots of shopping centers, malls, etc..
- In the parking block for the block residents
- Other private or public locations

The main potential customers for this service are: shipping companies, distribution companies, pharmaceutical and medical companies, insurance companies, banking companies, taxi companies, driving schools.

Rep.: What can you tell us in terms of environment? What is the point of view of the Environment Agency?

A.P: Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise service comply with all environmental legal requirements and protect one of the main natural resources: water. "Our mobile car wash is encouraged and supported both the Environment Agency Bucharest and the National Environmental Agency and in this sense we have formal approval from authorities. I can say that this business successfully fit in the “green business” area. When classical car was average consumption is about 150 liters of water by car, we can clean a car waterless, without using water for car wash, by using premium cleaning solutions and special microfibre towels. The car will be shining, and misery will remain in the towel and not on foot. We also have an ecology award recognition from The Romanian Association of Franchising", said the general manager.

Rep.: Can someone without experience wash his own car without water (waterless)?

A.P: Good news for anyone who wants to maintain their car always shiny. We recently released the first individual waterless wash kit under the name of SOLO WASH. For now anyone can wash their car ALONE: ecological, economic and efficient. SOLO WASH is recommended for both cars and motorcycles. Is the ideal tool when you do not have access to a water source. Waterless car washing method offers the possibility to wash / clean car without using buckets, detergents, sponges or water hose. The individual waterless car wash kit SOLO WASH contains 500 ml / 1000 ml sprayer with waterless solution, 2 microfibre towels and general instructions at a very small price.

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