Going to Federal Prison-Read This Before It's Too Late!

Your are an alleged white collar criminal and the Feds are after you! They intend to prosecute you criminally. They have the time, the money, and the manpower. What do you have? Read this article so you know what you can do to survive.
By: Robin Stover, Federal Prison Consultant
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April 6, 2010 - PRLog -- So, the federal government is coming after you for white collar crimes or a drug conspiracy case. What do you do now? It seems like an insurmountable problem. Where do you go, where do you turn, what do you do.? Why are you so scared? What does the federal government have that you don’t? Well, for one, they have money; they print it! You don’t! Secondly, they have the time. They can prosecute your case for weeks, months, and even years. Eventually you will run out of time, they don’t. Finally, they have the manpower. They can commit the FBI, IRS, ATF, USPS, DOJ, AUSA, and so many other lettered organizations to investigate and prosecute your case. Who do you have?  Maybe, if you are lucky enough, you have a good attorney that you are paying top dollar or a good court appointed attorney. But is that enough to combat all the money, time, and manpower the government is going to wield against you? The answer is a resounding NO!

   Federal Prison Consultant Robin Stover of the Prison Consulting Group says that federal defendants certainly need more help. Your attorney may be charging $375 to $850 per hour, but that doesn’t make him good. Many of these high-cost, nationally known attorneys are surprisingly ignorant about the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policies and procedures, sentence reduction programs, post-conviction issues, security, custody, designation, sentencing mitigation programs, and those issues that have such a significant effect on the defendant once he goes through those prison doors. The answer is to get a good Federal Prison Consultant on your side. You need one.

   One of the biggest mistakes a federal defendant makes, according to Robin Stover is contacting the prison consultant after the fact, after the defendant’s case has started. Stover says, ”The federal government has a 97% guilty plea rate in federal criminal cases. Federal prosecutors have over a 75% conviction rate following trial, and 91% of federal criminal defendants receive a prison sentence. Based on this, a federal defendant needs the help of a good Federal Prison Consultant.” It is best to get him on board at the earliest possible phase in your criminal case. Many defendants wait too long; they wait until the Presentencing Investigation Interview (PSI) is over and only then they begin to realize they are headed for a long prison sentence. A good Federal Prison Consultant will totally prepare his client for the Presentence Investigation Report. This is the same report the judge uses at sentencing to determine the length of sentence, designation of a prison, custody level, security level, sentence reduction programs, and even how you will be treated in prison. It is the defendant’s ”Bible”; it follows him throughout his entire period of incarceration and even throughout his period of supervised release. The importance of the PSI cannot be understated.

   Your attorney is with you until sentencing. After that he is gone. Who is going to help you with the problems that occur in prison? Who will help you in choosing the safest prison for you? Who will prepare you for the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program and its sentence reduction incentives? Who will prepare you for additional halfway house time via the Second Chance Act of 2008? Who will help prepare you for the transition from life on the outside to life on the inside? Who will prepare you for immediate visiting privileges, e-mail, telephone privileges, and even communicating by mail?  Who will help you with transfers, furloughs, incident reports, inmate restitution issues, commissary, inmate jobs, bunk assignments, and the multitude of other problems that occur on a daily basis once you are in prison? Certainly not your attorney, he is long gone. It is your Federal Prison Consultant. He represents your interests throughout your entire prison experience. ”That is why", says Robin Stover, ”It is best to choose your consultant carefully.” Stover says that you should choose a consultant you can work with; one who will take the time to answer your questions; one that will return your calls immediately when you leave a message. You need a consultant that is knowledgeable on prison issues and programs. You need a consultant who will contact the BOP, the sentencing judge, and will represent you fully. If he has experienced the prison process then that is a tremendous advantage.  Would you have surgery from an individual who is not a doctor? Would you have someone fill a cavity if he was not a dentist? Of course you wouldn’t. Likewise, a prison consultant who has not actually gone to prison only hears second hand about prison life, prison programs, prison encounters; he has never experienced it first-hand. This is a must.  

   America has more people in prison than any other country in the world. People are going to prison at a shocking rate. The prison population is increasing every year. Prisons are overcrowded. Defendants are being sentenced to higher security institutions with longer sentences. Now more than ever, a defendant facing federal incarceration needs a Federal Prison Consultant. Stover said, ”You no longer have to be rich to hire a Federal Prison Consultant; you just have to be knowledgeable.”

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Robin Stover is a nationally recognized Federal Prison Consultant and the founder of the Prison Consulting Group (PCG). As a Federal Prison Consultant with PCG, Robin is recognized as an authority in pre-and post-conviction strategy, positioning, preparation, and education. Robin is knowledgeable in all facets of federal prison life and with the Bureau of Prisons' (BOP) rules, regulations, and program statements.

PCG prepares clients for admission to the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program which offers up to a 12 month sentence reduction and a 6 month halfway house designation. We also provide assistance with designations, judicial recommendations, transfers, furloughs, A R Appeals, Second Chance Act submissions, MINT program requests, restitution, ICE issues, and the BOP's Compassionate Release and Commutation of Sentence Program.

Prison Consulting Group offers the prison preparation course titled, "How to Survive Federal Prison", go to http://prisonconsultinggroup.com.
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