How We Became "Geniuses" and Avoided the Productivity Crisis in Science, the Computer Intuition Way

Modern science is experiencing a creativity crisis! The result? Great many important scientific and technological problems remain unsolved. With Computer Intuition, our scientists and engineers turn into "geniuses" and solve these problems.
March 17, 2010 - PRLog -- Modern science is experiencing a creativity crisis! Current research is extremely conservative. Modern scientists are afraid to tackle significant problems, and for a good reason.  Scientists who try are penalized.  Scientists who try to be creative are not funded.  Scientists who try to introduce breakthrough ideas are not supported.  Today, there is no funding for risky ideas, and no journals for publishing revolutionary concepts.  

Today, science as a career is a turn off.  Today, science is limiting, both in opportunities and in rewards. In today’s environment, the failure of educational system to entice students to enroll in science and technology programs is more than expected.  

The result? Great many problems, scientific and technological, remain unsolved.  Great many promising opportunities are lost.  Great many inventions remain hidden in the fog of times.

But science is our savior.

Consider history. Since our physical abilities are limited, even compared to our pets, we were forced to be inventive – we invented the car to improve our mobility, the crane to enhance our trucking, and the telescope to sharpen our vision.

We should stop being skeptics. We should stop being conservative. We should embrace risk taking.  We should strive for wonderment.  

How would you react if I tell you about a computer program that can retrieve information from the subconscious, a computer that can foresee the future of science and technology, and that can turn an every day scientist into a genius? Would you react with skepticism? Or with wonderment?

In 1996, after extensive research of geniuses like Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Tesla, and Edison, Dr. Hanan Polansky completed a prototype of a computer program, called Computer Intuition. According to the research, the secret to these geniuses’ remarkable abilities is their much better access to the subconscious. (By the way, the same holds true for geniuses in art, politics, music, management, etc.)  As a result, Computer Intuition was designed to analyze scientific text and turn its users into “geniuses” by retrieving inventions or discoveries buried in the subconscious of the authors of the text, those great leaps that would have surfaced naturally from the authors’ subconscious years or even decades later.  

For example, by analyzing relevant scientific papers, the program could have helped its users identify the Google search algorithm years before it surfaced from the subconscious of Mr. Sergey Brin and Mr. Larry Page.

In the last thirteen years, “geniuses” used Computer Intuition, mostly in confidence, to solve numerous scientific and technological problems that defied the best experts in the world.  For instance, the program was used to discover the cause of most cancer cases (see details here).  It was also used in the development of Gene-Eden, a very successful antiviral supplement (see details here).

The program is not limited to a certain subject.  It is based on psycholinguistics.  Therefore, it can analyze scientific text in all scientific and technological domains, including biology, physics, and chemistry.

Do you have a “dream” problem in science or technology that you want us to solve? Call us: (In the US): (585) 507-4902, (In Israel): 972-8-9361960, or send us an email through the Computer Intuition website at htttp://

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We form joint ventures with medium to large corporations to solve important scientific and technological problems using our proprietary computer program called Computer Intuition that turns our scientists into "geniuses."
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