Rethinking Everything Magazine Opens Minds and Leaves Readers Rethinking... Everything

REM's first issue blasted to over 500 readers in January and has received rave reviews all around. Brilliant, innovative, personally inspired stories of empowerment were served to readers and Rethinkers internationally - just content, no advertising.
Feb. 6, 2010 - PRLog -- Rethinking Everything Magazine (REM) is the brain child of co-publishers Barb Lundgren and Sarah Parent who, living themselves lives of constant questioning and Rethinking of the status quo, felt the world needed new stories - stories that reflect inquisition, inspiration, and empowerment in new ways.  Indeed they were right.  REM's first issue was well-received by the over 500 international readers and Rethinkers who accessed it in January.

Online access to this page-turning videographic publication has allowed for immediate access to the issue, media interface (embedded audio and video), quick linking for resources, and the ability for the reader to view online, download to their computer or CD, or print while keeping the environmental footprint in line with their current and conscious vibe.  While a few readers have expressed a small learning curve with this format, Barb and Sarah have found that some simple tips from REM have quickly remediated the minor issues.  "We knew the new format would take some getting used to," says Sarah.  "There has never been a magazine this conscious in its story selection or format.  We're confident in our decision to leave paper waste and waiting behind and give the decision of how to view the magazine over to the reader."

REM publishes non-fiction personal stories of individuals who have orchestrated a transformative change in their lifestyle or mindset that has culminated in a true feeling of intrinsically inspired empowerment.  "Everything about this magazine screams unparalleled courage and unmitigated passion," says Sarah Wagner of who opted to write a full review for her readers.  "I was either impressed and excited or deeply challenged by the uncomfortable emotions the authors brought out of me. From stories that could have been (or maybe will be) our own to those I could hardly relate but from which I still gleaned wisdom, I am still surprised over the effect it has had on me."  Many other readers are feeling compelled to share their thoughts, shifts, and inspirations as well through e-mails, comments, and social media.

REM's publishers report that there is no shortage of powerful, insightful stories.  They are working joyfully with change agents around the globe to draw out the detail and emotion of their stories so that readers can fully experience each transformational journey.  REM's second issue is set to blast on April 1, 2010 and promises to encourage thought, discussion, and ... Rethinking.

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Rethinking Everything Magazine is a brand NEW groundbreaking publication of true stories of earth shattering, intrinsically inspired personal transformation and empowerment. Its ad-free, page-turning online format is as cutting edge as it is green.

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