GE SmartWater GXRTQ/GXRTQR Filter Product Alert

GE has started manufacturing the SmartWater GXRTQ refrigerator filters without the valve fittings. has a solution without having to retrofit your existing system.
GE SmartWater Inline Filter Kit w/fittings - GXRTQ
GE SmartWater Inline Filter Kit w/fittings - GXRTQ
Feb. 3, 2010 - PRLog -- Often there are times when manufacturers make changes to spare or replacement parts. As consumers, we are often not informed or aware of these changes and only become aware of them when it is time to change or replace them. This is exactly what has happened with the GE Smartwater filter GXRTQ/GXRTQR inline refrigerator filter. Below you will see what changes have been made, and how only FreshWaterSystems has taken steps to help you modify your filter without going through the hassles that have been proposed by GE and our competitors.

GE has started manufacturing the SmartWater GXRTQ refrigerator filters without the valve fittings. The problem this creates for consumers is twofold. First there are the extensive step by step instructions (see below) that must be followed in order to retrofit the filter water supply. Secondly, all future water filter changes now include a laundry list of steps you would have to take before your filter could be replaced.

Steps to Retrofit GE Inline GXRTQ Refrigerator Filter(taken from GE retrofit instructions)

1. All of the refrigerator installation requirements must be met when installing the filter.

Cut Tubing
2. Shut off water supply.
3. The filter is to be inserted (spliced) into the 1/4″ OD supply tube that feeds water to the refrigerator. (Do not cut any water lines internal to the refrigerator.) Locate the filter as close as possible to the supply water shut-off valve. If the filter needs to be located behind the refrigerator, there needs to be at least 6 inches of clearance between the wall and the refrigerator. If the appliance must be moved, make sure there is proper protection on the floor.
4. Cut the tubing, making sure the ends are square and no burrs protrude. Deburr ends with file or sandpaper if necessary.

Installing the Tubing
5. Make a line 1/2″ from the end of each remaining piece of tubing. (Check for roundness, smoothness, cuts, nicks, flat spots and sharp edges. It may be necessary to recut the tubing.)
6. Locate fittings for the tubing on the side of the filtration system.
7. NOTE: Water flow is from left to right. Water inlet is on the left side and water outlet is on the right side. Failure to follow will result in bad performance.
8. Push the tubing into the filter inlet until the line is flush with the fitting collar. Do not install tubing on outlet until filter is flushed. See step 10. (To remove tubing, remove blue locking clip (see figure 2). Then depress and hold white collet; pull tubing out.)
9. Pull out slightly on tubing to ensure a good seal.

Flush Filter
10. Place filter outlet over bucket or pan; fine particles of carbon may be present—flush by turning on water supply valve. Fine carbon particles will be removed during the flushing. Turn off water supply valve to stop flushing after 2 to 3 gallons of water are flushed (5 minutes).
NOTE: It is normal for water to appear black for the first few seconds of the flushing procedure.

Final Connection and Leak Check
11. Connect the outlet of the filter to the water line going to your refrigerator.
12. Turn on water supply.
13. Inspect for leaks.
14. If a leak occurs, remove tubing and reinstall.
15. Write the date on the filter and also mark your calendar to replace with another filter after six months.

That’s quite a bit of work to just change your water filter. And you might be under the impression that once you have done this, any future filter changes will be easy. Well, you would be wrong. Each change of the New GE GXRTDR replacement refrigerator filter will require going through more steps. And more than likely a headache, every time you think about having to change your filter. Below is a list of steps that you would need to follow in order to change this filter - once it has been retrofitted, that is.

1. Get a bucket and a towel.
2. Turn off water supply.
3. Remove blue locking clips between filter and collets.
4. Disconnect the old filter at its inlet first then its outlet.
To remove tubing, depress and hold white collet; pull tubing out. Some water may spill or drip back through the filter.
5. Install new filter. See steps 5—15 in the Installing the filter section from above

If you are like our customers, you do not want to go through all of these steps - and huge amounts of time - to replace your water filter, so has a solution for you. Unlike GE and our competitors - who suggest the retrofitting process to their customers - our solution does not require any cutting or splicing, and it allows you to replace your filter in the existing housing. Most importantly, it does not require the turning off of your water supply.

The RC-GXRTDR is simple - we include the fittings, the Teflon tape – everything you need to make your filter changes fast and simple.

Just follow at these quick and easy instructions
1. Remove the new filter from the box.
2. Locate the old filter behind the refrigerator.
3. Take a fitting and wrap a small amount of Teflon tape on the threads. Then lock it into place.
4. Repeat step 2 for the other end of the filter.

If you need the GE GXRTQ filter with all of the fittings please see Also if you have further questions about the recent changes to the GE GXRTQ inline refrigerator filter, please feel free to contact us at 1.877.335.3339 or visit us online at .

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