How to Fix Common Shoe Problems

Worn or loose heels as well as worn or slippery soles are some of the most common shoe problems. All of these repairs can be done either at home or relatively inexpensively by a cobbler.
By: jane baron
Nov. 13, 2009 - PRLog -- Heel Problems. Heels often wear down before the rest of the sole. You can extend the life of your shoes if you repair the heels as soon as you notice a problem.

•   Wobbly Heels: Wobbly heels are a sign that the nails or screws have come lose. It’s important to address this problem as soon as you notice a slight wobble as unstable heels can cause you to lose your balance and fall. If the heels are in good condition, then the problem can be fixed simply by resetting the heel, or inserting a few additional nails to anchor the heel in place.

•   Worn-down Heels: Most heels come with plastic or metal heel caps or tips. Try to replace worn-down heels before the entire bottom of the heel wears off. Replacement heel caps and tips can be purchased at most shoe stores. You can either apply new heel caps yourself (be sure to remove the old, worn heel cap first) or you can ask a cobbler to do this simple repair for you. It shouldn’t cost more than 6 dollars.

•   Broken Heels: Broken heels will need to be replaced. If it is a clean break, the heel can be glued back together and reinforced with nails. Sometimes an entirely new heel is necessary. This is usually a job for a cobbler, but some people tackle this repair at home. Just make sure that the replacement heel is the same size as the original heel!

Sole Problems. Whether you suffer from a slippery sole or a hole in your sole, most sole problems are easily resolved with a little time and money.

•   Slippery Soles: Slippery soles can be fixed by applying a thin protective rubber sole on top of the existing slippery sole. These extra soles are sometimes referred to as “sole guards” and are used to protect soles from wearing down too quickly. They are usually slip-proof and waterproof.

•   Worn Soles: If you want to save money, resoling shoes that are otherwise in good condition is definitely worth it. The repair can be done at home or relatively inexpensively by a cobbler. It requires the old soles to be removed with a utility knife and then replaced with new soles of the same size. (If you are doing the repair yourself, look for self-adhering soles for an easy fix.) Shoe guards are a good idea if you want to proactively protect your soles from wear.

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