Stunny Pharouk, The Human Genome Scandal And White Re-incarnation Milk!

Why MAD COW DISEASE, SWINE FLU and AIDS keep missing your genes, if milk-tossing tits are low down and dirty! - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Oct. 25, 2009 - PRLog -- Supermarket-milk is a mixture of natron-water with flour and a sprinkling of white sugar and salt, and sold as homogenised sterile dairy product in a tetra-pak, with a fat cow depicted on the label. - Why lie about the friggin' cow?
Drinking MILK and HONEY is ancient Egyptian sex-history; if you knew what exactly milk and honey can be for which type of Egyptian. - Stunny Pharouk says that the ancient word for MILK is MALIK or MOLEK, and is synonymous with the Ethiopian bardic folktales of King Solomon and his Black Queen of Sheba. It kabalistically describes the legendary manufacture of HONEY and CHOCOLATE from dark burnt sugarcane molasses with white baked natron-salt. This too is sold today as supermarket HONEY. - But, why also lie about the flowers and the bees?

Lies always serve ominius purposes; - and if AIDS and silicon exposes the scientist's lies about SEX, then MILK deserves a closer look, to understanding the human GENOME STUDY and its lying anatomy!

The filthy-rich and famous German fashion-designer KARL LAGERFELD, had been furnished into an altime German first in Paris by his own father's unholy career of selling fake carnation cows milk, and he never lost a word about the fact that their condenced milk was barley flour from Africa, and some milk-brands are from rice-flour with natron. This became a brittle buildingblock in the AIDS-Holocaust. Karl Lagerfeld's PR-management company is curiously by his own clumsiness, named after a young female DNA-Scientist called BETH SHAPIRO, who claims some mad highfaluten garbage about DNA-anaysis, to protect Lagerfeld's milk-cartons from exploding from under his anus like a hot stenching flatulence of biogas lies, in one nuclear mushroom after the other. Beth Shapiro claims the unique and divine capability of converting an infintesimal amount of dead fossilised DNA-atoms of the prehistoric talcum remains of the Dodo, and capturing its genetic SILICONS as RNA-samples, so as to isolate the essence of what was called the "clumsiest bird on earth". She may have been describing Karl Lagerfeld. For this odd feat, she was heralded as one of the world's most brave young scientists for doing something most of us easily manage by just drinking a glas of warm milk, never for once questioning the designer label. But most of us don't earn top-drawer salaries from a humanrights omition about silicon and AIDS-RNA and get to buy all the castles dedicated to white race-hate, just for keeping AIDS and silicon a nuclear Nazi secret as nutty as moonlandings and Haagen Dasz. Why make fun of humanrights? Most people distinguish between Hollywood and real life!
The word FOSSIL contains two tell-tale words: phosphor and silica. Therefore, without any black irons, white calcified compounds aren't even capable of telling the truth!

Lagerfeld's camp is frought with bank-cotching AIDS-Nazi aristocracy in illgotten couture, who knew that CHALK is a nuclear quarz and a protein-precursor that says nothing about your genetics, if you don't have a numerical quote of BLACK CARBON PARTICLES mixing with that stiff white formaldehyde, like ink-lines in a love letter written on vacant white sheet of paper, - if you have a brain. HUMAN GENOME is like the sex of a spineful of white King Solomon, pleasing the sexual gyrations of a Black Queen of Sheba in all her rickaticks; - with the horny outcome being called HONEYBUN GUN MALIK, who can't be malevolent, or have a schizophrenic racial or sexual disposition, for having grown up cross-eyed.

So sad that twittered milkdrinking Roman Catholic cattle insist on bucking n' cumming in two differing droves. Ironically the name LAGERFELD means "hidden fields"; but who needs stinking pinking king-pin Incognito holding his own fan these days, if the backballing bitch and mother of Rome knows where ya from?!!!
So, go ahead! - Squeeze them Black secret tits doggy-dog style, and drink your milk and have it too! - But remember; if you don't belch in public, the fat farts gonna come out the other end!

# # #

AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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