International Welfare And Crises

To advance, stimulate and reinforce Health an Welfare by Developing the means of providing new and immediate help/emergency services. Researching, networking and providing potential goods and services of immediate assistance for Humanitarian Crises.
By: johnwilliam hohepa
Sept. 8, 2009 - PRLog -- The future of Broadcasting must have a purpose and direction more purpose and direction than to just televise world news or observe world events, more purpose an direction than to promote the commercialization of locations, tourism, performing artists, movie and film industries, education, science, businesses, products and or services but a purpose and direction that would facilitate global change in developing new an urgent Mediation, Dialogue and Action Strategies in reference to critical conditions facing communities suffering Humanitarian Crises etc!.

There is no other technical industry and or real supportive means of making change to the serious issue's dramatically effecting peoples and society as a whole on a global basis in this day an age than the broadcasting industry itself. The marvels, technologies, resources and the practical advancements of what it has become and has to offer for the future.

Current standards of television broadcasting and prime time viewing shows the real time events of breaking news, live record and reality based broadcasting can not be superseded in terms of the visual platform, presentation, operation and technical production . Only the purposes and methods of using the technology can change in order for there to be any advancements of importance to in this case "the welfare of communities" and or the industry itself. In this day an age we have the technology and need to bring together the interaction of Media and Internet sources in order to have any effect on addressing the urgent and immediate situations of crises having historic effect on international communities.

Be it designed, manufactured, managed, operated or performed things can only be developed to be more manageable, durable, flexible, functional or exceptionable and I know for a fact the true and full potential of Broadcasting is something this world needs, if we could put together the Hi Tech resources of Communications and Broadcasting with an initiative solely for the purpose of developing Humanitarian efforts, Community an Welfare based Development, Emergency Services and Procedures we would be taking a small step to a giant leap into the future of growth, unity and change in society. How we can share what we have to build the future is our only option for change.

In 1998 I endeavored to establish THE UNIVERSAL STANDARD TIMES MILLENNIUM BROADCAST NETWORK yet I was unable to pursue this through financial, long standing health, family and welfare grievances, however the point was I visioned a broadcaster who by the millennium celebrations would be going to air with a new and exclusive presentation and coverage of NEWS, CURRENT AFFAIRS, HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS, FORMAL TALKS, SPECIAL/MEMORIAL EVENTS, BENEFIT CONCERTS, MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS, PEACE KEEPING, EMERGENCY SERVICES, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH and WELFARE based issue's.

The WORLD INDIGENOUS TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK is made up of networks around the world operating out of TAMAKI MAKAURAU (AUCKLAND) NEW ZEALAND, and I believe the following business proposal has the potential for the WITBN in promoting the Broadcasting Industry with many ground breaking initiatives of operations, programming, services, broadcasting, management, marketing and technical development.




The vision is planning new and advanced activities in television broadcasting for the coverage, presentation and endorsement of International Efforts to address CRISES SITUATIONS where the well being of Peoples, Indigenous communities and the balance of nature is at treat. This vision encompasses such causes as the IADG's, IFAD the UNITED NATIONS MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (MDG's) as well as the END POVERTY 2015 Campaign with prospects encompassing COP15 and the numerous charities and causes of MYNETCAUSE.ORG as well as the WORLDBANK.ORG.


To establish an International network production of a WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCASTING INITIATIVE to advance, stimulate and reinforce International Health, Welfare, Conservation and Wildlife Initiatives.

To further develop networks of

World Indigenous Television Broadcasting
Non-State development cooperation providers
Country-driven national development strategies
Country-level capacities for coordinating and managing aid
South-South and triangular development cooperation
Development Cooperation Forums
Economic and Social Councils
World Health Organizations



To exhaust all efforts to building the foundations of a campaign to generate development and successful outcomes of the Vision and Mission Statement.

Promoting ingenuity , intuition, foresight, and commitment.

Developing simple, powerful, and potential Initiatives.

Everyone has skills and share potential abilities.



To provide high standards in achieving new dialogue, mediation, conferencing, 1st hand accounts, reports and the utmost quality in and services.


To give 100% of total earnings to the development of the GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT BROADCAST NETWORK initiatives.

To business partners - to maintain long-term relationships with you.

To sponsors - to promote your products and promote your company's name.

To employees - to do our best to treat each other with kindness, respect and to provide support services.

In return for any formal support from any group or individual it is my intention to spare no expense to promoting all financial and resource consents received, as or if required and or based upon their merits wishes or directions. All technical information, know how or services will be subject to the terms and conditions of a non disclosure order.



Developing the means of providing new and immediate help/emergency service to Poverty, Sickness and Disease including the dramatic effects of Industrial development and pollution of the atmosphere environment, food, soil, Wild life and natural Habitat as well as the serious destruction and loss of family life and the community in War Stricken Countries.

# # #

It is my intention to devote my personal time and efforts to planning and pursuing the go forward business activities and procedures that will enable this proposal and potential business of the day to commence. These activities immediately revolve around the communicating with groups and organizations whom feel this may be of value their businesses and may choose to be closely involved or of assistance to the outcomes of this significant campaign for development and hope.
Source:johnwilliam hohepa
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