Tropical furniture in Costa Rica

You can find beautiful tropical furniture in Costa Rica. Made of rattan, wicker or bamboo you can add a special tropical look to your home or condo and depending on the supplier you can save money.
By: Pacific Home Furnishing - Costa Rica
Aug. 21, 2009 - PRLog -- The demand for tropical furniture in Costa Rica is growing more and more as houses and condos by the beach have flourished.
The look of tropical furniture like rattan living rooms or dining rooms suits perfectly the environment of relaxation that a house by the beach must have.  The natural products used in the manufacturing goes very well with the "no artificial ingredients" policy of the Costa Rican tourist board that attracts thousands of people every year and most of the ones decide to buy a property or a piece of paradise.
Tropical furniture of good quality is usually imported from the expert suppliers in the South Pacific like Bali, Indonesia and India.  The reason is because the fibers are difficult to find in the Central American countries and the handcraft is rather expensive compared to the one of the preferred suppliers.
The great advantage of tropical fibers such as rattan and wicker is that they are sleek in many cases and also fresh, meaning that not too much upholstery is added to it and it´s easier to clean.
A lot of the new owners of condos and houses for rent on the different beaches of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica prefer rattan and wicker furniture for their versatility for decorating the rooms where they will be located.  Just in the last year the demand for these products increased in 45% according to the local retailers annual report.

Care of Rattan

Finished rattan furniture is as strong as steel and is nearly indestructible. It requires no particular maintenance and is extremely durable. Having been fumigated at the factory, it is also virtually immune against rodents, unlike bamboo which deteriorates relatively quickly.

Rattan and wicker frames require very little maintenance. Dusting with a soft damp cloth or vacuuming with a brush attachment will keep your furniture looking good. Spills should be taken care of immediately before they harden or stain, by wiping with a damp sponge and a little detergent.

Rattan poles can easily be touched up with premium wood stains, gloss lacquers or furniture touch up pens available from local home improvement centers

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