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The 1 Minute Cure For All Diseases - scam or geniune cure? Can you really cure yourself of cancer naturally?
By: Miracle Cures Exposed
Aug. 18, 2009 - PRLog -- The latest in “miracle cures” is a book with the title: 1 Minute CureFor All Diseases written by Madison Cavanaugh which claims that it can cure and reverse almost any disease known to man.

Now, that is a pretty bold statement to make because if that is true, it could mean the revoking of a death sentence for many people.  With that in mind I started doing some research about the claims made in the book.

Their website states that they don’t  have any testimonials from people using the cure in the book because of the fact that they substance that the cure is based on has not been approved by the FDA. It appears that use of this substance, indeed even knowledge on the subject of this cure, is severely lacking in the USA but is however widely practised in countries such as England, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Canada.

Doing research on the substance being used in the book, I found that there are loads of therapies that have sprung up around it and that it really is as easy to administer as the book says. It definitenly is also very cheap, and readily availalble from health shops or the Internet.

I have found a lot of websites where people have listed information about the substance and how it has worked for them in many ways, so there is definitely merit to some of the claims in the book. People have been healed from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, lung problems, skin problems – too many to list. And these “testimonials” to the effectiveness of this substance was a mostly unsolicited or posted to personal websites.

What I did find most interesting though, is that this “miracle cure” has been used for years already and the information is freely available to anyone who has access to the Internet. The 1 Minute Cure book however makes it sound like the author, and only the author, knows what this “secret remedy” is.

Even more surprisingly I managed to download (for free) the exact report that this book is based upon. This report gives the name of the substance, tells you where it can be obtained, as well as detailed directions of how to  use it. Unlike the commercial book , this report contains no fluff and hype, just the details you need to know to be able to save your own life or the life of a loved one.

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