New Quiz Reveals A Woman’s Life Purpose, True Self And Tendencies For Career, Relationships & More

Author Cindy Silbert today announced her newly launched website, featuring a free quiz that reveals the quiz taker’s true self, life purpose and tendencies as a Chameleon, Butterfly or Dragonfly.

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Del Mar, California – August 18, 2009 – Author Cindy Silbert today announced her newly launched website, featuring a free quiz that reveals the quiz taker’s true self and life purpose as a Chameleon, Butterfly or Dragonfly.  The results further describe true tendencies for career, relationships, home, style as well as distinct character traits shared with famous Chameleons (Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Martha Stewart), Butterflies (Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn), and Dragonflies (Marianne Williamson, J.K. Rowling and Bryon Katie.)  “The quiz accurately captures a woman’s inherent power,” Silbert says. “Whether a woman discovers she is a Chameleon, Butterfly or Dragonfly, women who take the quiz feel inspired and more able to reach their full potential.”
The quiz and website are based on the book, Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly, a Divine Guide to Lasting Fulfillment.  Both the book and website introduce women to three never before revealed archetypes: the Chameleon, Butterfly and Dragonfly. The Chameleon symbolizes change and is aligned with a woman’s mind. It empowers women’s success in areas such as wealth, career, productivity, and self esteem. The Butterfly symbolizes transformation and is aligned with a woman’s body.  It empowers women’s success in areas such as health, relationships, communication and physical attraction. The Dragonfly symbolizes enlightenment and is aligned with a woman’s spirit.  It empowers women’s success in areas such as spirituality, intuition, fulfillment and purpose.

“The world is going through dramatic changes and so are women.  Women want clarity of who they are and ultimately what will bring them lasting fulfillment in life,” Silbert says. “Making my quiz available to women online at no cost is my way of supporting and empowering women to achieve clarity, success and ultimately their full potential.”  With the launch of the book’s website people are virally sharing the quiz which instantly delivers an email with the results.  “I’ve taken the quiz several times and passed it on to friends,” says Lisa McKay, reader and quiz taker.  “Before taking the quiz, I had one image of myself, more like the Chameleon.  The quiz revealed that I am a Dragonfly which captured the real me that I had been resisting. I had been looking at practical career opportunities and now have fully embraced who I am and created a new business expressing my true talents.”

The website also offers a free chapter from author’s book, Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly to support women in finding mind, body, spirit and balance.
“There is an epidemic need for balance among women yet how does a woman begin to access not just one but all three elusive aspects of herself – her mind, body and spirit.”  Through the three archetypes, Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly guides readers to activate the once inaccessible yet vast intelligence of her mind, body and spirit and restore innate balance. By offering the “Balance” Chapter as a free gift to users that become members, Silbert intends to support all women to make great strides toward healing and balance.
The quiz, free chapter and book can be found at

About the Book Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly
Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly is a timely and essential guide for women today capturing the powerful emergence of the Divine Feminine calling women to change, transform, and enlighten themselves and the world.  The book guides a woman to deep inner connection and balance thereby empowering her to create her destiny as her true self and ultimately to move beyond the ego and intermittent happiness to lasting fulfillment.  Cindy’s personal story and experience add to the validity and richness of the book and new website. The author shares her discovery of the three archetypes in a video on the website and the intimate details of her own path to healing in her book including the important role the archetypes played. Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly in hard copy can be purchased directly through and in e-book format through  The quiz is available in the book and at

About Cindy Silbert
Cindy Silbert is an Author, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Creator of Life Cultivation, a fusion of eastern practices and western methodologies.  Cindy has a masterful ability to translate profound insights into practical distinctions that guide people and businesses to reach their full potential. Intuitive listening enables her to distinguish between the voice of ego and the voice of true self.  This allows Cindy to effectively guide people beyond their ego limitations to their true expression, power and fulfillment. This gift is backed by over 25 years of writing, coaching, speaking, training, and business with an emphasis in bringing brands and people to life.  Silbert founded, and to inspire and guide people worldwide to realize full self-expression and lasting fulfillment. Silbert teaches workshops, teleseminars and offers a free membership and monthly e-guide to members.
For interviews, videos and professional photos please contact Cindy Silbert at 858.692.8538

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Cindy Silbert is an Author, Coach and Creator of Life Cultivation. She has 25 years of writing, coaching, speaking, training, and business with an emphasis in bringing brands and people to life. Visit Cindy at and

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