Is NutriSystem Right For You?

Is Nutrisystem right for you? The plan will work because is follows some fundamental weight loss principles. We examine those principles as well as the cost of Nutrisytem and the alternatives.
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July 10, 2009 - PRLog -- Let's start by saying the Nutrisystem plan does work. If you eat the meals and follow the plan - the weight will come off. Is there something magic about the Nutrisystem food? No.

When you receive your Nutrisystem package, you receive breakfast entrees, lunch entrees, dinner entrees and snacks. This is not all the food you will eat. You are on your own to buy fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products. There really is no way they could package these items and keep them fresh. You will wind up buying more of your own food to eat than what is in the packages. A sample lunch might be one of the Nutrisytem lunch entrees plus fruit, vegetable, dairy and bread. Four of the five you have to get on your own.

The meals taste good. You do get a variety. Everyone's tastes vary so there will be things you do not like as much. Quality of the food will not be an issue.

Some people might comment on the quantity, but keep in mind that is the idea. Nutrisystem follows a tried and true method for weight loss. Eat smaller portions more often. There is no shortage of weight loss advice telling you to do that. Each entree package is somewhere between 150 to 300 calories. The goal is to keep your calorie intake down and to space out the meals so you are not always hungry. Eating smaller portions multiple times a day also keeps your metabolism working harder. You are always processing something.

If you compare the label of a Nutrisystem entrée to something you find in the grocery store, the difference in calories and nutrition is negligible. Nutrisystem talks about its "glycemic index" and "heart healthy" foods. This is nothing earth shattering. Whole wheat bread measures well in the glycemic index and a fish oil supplement gives the same "heart healthy" effect.

Many people need to spend or have an "official program" to keep them on a proper weight loss track. If you are one of those Nutrisystem is an excellent product.

The major argument against Nutrisystem is the cost. They advertise it cost under $10 a day. When you break it down to what you are actually buying, it is not as good of a deal. A Nutrisystem beef stew entry cost about $3.50 when you itemize the bill. One can go to a supermarket and buy an equivalent product, in terms of calories, taste and nutritional value, for about $1.00. There is no shortage of equivalent comparisons up and down the Nutrisystem menu.

We want to repeat this - the Nutrisystem plan works. It works because they get you to eat smaller meals multiple times a day. You do not need to buy a $3.50 beef stew to do that. If you are motivated and dedicated, there is no reason not to do it in your own and save some money. If you need to spend $300 a month to stay motivated, you should do it. When it comes down to the most basic question - is spending $900 over three months to lose 30 pounds worth it? Considering how much longer one will live and the quality of those years, it is very worth it.

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