Sharp Knee Pain When Walking Up Stairs – The Effective Use Of Knee Braces To Reduce The Pain

If you have sharp knee pain when you walk up the stairs, read on for some helpful information regarding the use of knee braces to ease the pain.
By: Daniel Sims
June 29, 2009 - PRLog -- Do you envy people who can bound up the stairs three steps at a time, with relative ease?

Do people shake their heads when you take the elevator to go up one flight rather than climbing the stairs?

Does the sight of the stair machine at your local gym make you break out in a cold sweat?

If so, you are not alone.  Sharp knee pain when walking up stairs is a complaint shared by many people.  You may feel fine while standing, walking, or even running, but as soon as you begin walking up the stairs, sharp knee pain begins.

Sharp knee pain when going up a flight of stairs can be a real problem (for some of us that might be quite an understatement).  It can limit your activities of daily living and can hurt your overall quality of life.  It can be a particular challenge if you live in a house that has one or more flights of steps.

Sharp knee pain when going up the stairs may come on all the sudden, or it may happen each and every time you climb a stair.  Some days it may be less intense than others.  You may have lived with it for years, or it may be something new that has recently affected you.

The causes for your pain can vary.  Any number of medical conditions such arthritis, tendonitis, chrondromalacia and bursitis, to name a just a few, can all result in sharp knee pain when walking up stairs.  If you have concerns about your knee pain you should also talk with your physician to obtain medical advice.  Still, whatever the particular cause of your sharp knee pain, aside from whatever medical treatment your doctor recommends, you may find relief through the use of a knee brace.

Knee braces do not necessarily have to be custom made to be effective for you.  In fact, non custom knee supports can be found in a variety of styles and sizes suitable for the majority knee shapes.  Knee braces that are not custom made are readily available, affordable, and easy to use, plus they may help relieve the sharp pain you experience when walking up stairs.  You should not over look the support that they can provide.

A properly fitting knee brace will help lend support to the knee joint, and help to keep your knee properly aligned as you climb a flight of stairs.  This may help lessen the sharp pain when walking up stairs so that you can start living normally again.


For more information on sharp knee pain when walking up stairs, the possible causes for your pain, as well as the types of braces available which can help offer relief, visit us online at  Dr. Brace Co. is an educational site that can provide helpful information on the benefits of knee brace support.

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