Fixed IP SIMs now available through Comms365

Genuine Fixed IP SIMs (both Private and Public) are now available through communications company Comms365. Secure, private access to remote sites, CCTV installations, Telemetry equipment, ATMs and EPOS amongst other uses. Competitive tariffs.
By: Comms365
May 12, 2009 - PRLog -- Comms365 is offering UK businesses and technology companies the opportunity to acquire Fixed Public and Fixed Private IP SIM cards utilising its Private APN (Access Point Name).
Fixed IP SIMs are ideal for situations where you need access to remote devices, such as Routers out in the field, Telemetry equipment, remote CCTV installations, Video streaming, Traffic Monitoring, ATM outlets, EPOS backup, Alarm Monitoring, Vending Machines and Vehicle Tracking to name but a few.

Fixed Private IP SIMs offer increased protection from hackers and viruses as the IP Address is not publicly advertised.

Comms365 goes one step further and aggregates the data on each SIM, therefore the more SIMs a company has the larger the pot of bandwidth available to be used by the SIMs.

An example of this working is below:

Company A has 10 SIMs, each with 3GB of data per month. Comms365 will aggregate all of the data together to form 30GB of data that can be used by any of the SIMs. If 1 SIM uses 10GB, then there is 20GB remaining for the other SIMs. If 1 SIM uses 15Gb and a second uses 10GB there is still 5Gb left for the other SIMs before there are any excess charges for additional data.

This aggregation is extremely useful if the SIMs are being used for resilience / backup connectivity where only a few sites might fail per month.

Comms365 currently has two packages available:

Package 1: 3GB Fixed IP SIM - 24 month contract - £24.00 per month (additional GB charged at £27 per GB) Package 2: 10MB Fixed IP SIM - 24 month contract - £12.50 per month (additional GB charged at £17.5 per GB - Min 2GB)

Prices exclude VAT.

These are exceptionally competitive tariffs for Fixed IP SIMs.

More information can be found on the Comms365 e-commerce site and on the main Comms365 website, alternatively please contact 0118 960 2548

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Comms365 offers fully resilient multi-site MPLS IPVPN, Ethernet, Voice, Hosted Exchange and 3G services to businesses of all sizes. Solutions based around its Cisco based core network help businesses realise their investments and maximise RoI.

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