I Vote to End the Recession Now, How About You?

President Obama is likely the most popular man in the world right now as he addresses all the issues that are hampering our economic recovery and we have seen his overview of what is being planned, but we are yet to see the details.
By: Wade Henderson
March 30, 2009 - PRLog -- Of course there are those that are condemning the President stating that his plan will not work and that the hole that is being dug by the actions we are undertaking will have catastrophic results.  This is a very stressful time for Mr. Obama as he tries to fix the world most talked about issue.

This negativity is not shared by many fortunately since the whole economy; any economy is based on confidence.  Economics is not something that can be touched; it is an idea that is shared by a group of people in terms of good or bad.  Yes, you can talk about economics in terms of GDP, unemployment rates, interest rates and such, but much of this is determined by the mindset of the people involved in the economy.

If they think it is bad, then it is.  If they feel the economy is good, then it is.  This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that if the majority feel one way, then the opinion of the majority will win over.

In the address President Obama made, he said, The first step we took was to pass a recovery plan to jump-start job creation and put money in peoples pockets. And this plans already saved the jobs of teachers and police officers. Its creating construction jobs to rebuild roads and bridges. And yesterday I met with a man whose company is reopening a factory outside of Pittsburgh thats rehiring workers to build some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world.

This is the sort of thing we need to hear about, not the negativity.  We have had enough of that already.

For the last 15 years I have been in the Commercial Finance Industry and have seen the devastation to the Businesses of United States and Canada.  The result of businesses failing is that households fail, and then families fail.  With so much loss, it is hard to change the public opinion and outlook.

That being said, I have seen a renewed sense of hope in the Business Community.  Companies inquiring about financing and some companies that have entered into new technology in the Green Industries are starting to pick up orders and hiring.  This is the stuff we need because now that these companies are hiring and the workers are buying things, more companies see this and it just stimulates the economy and the positive outlook grows.

Lets keep it up!

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