Secure Logic 20700 - Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe - A Tech Savvy Solution for Today’s Problems

Home Security Store offers an ultra sleek, super chic, and solid as a rock Biometric Wall Safe. Approved by the Dept. of Justice as a firearm safety device, this safe will ensure your belongings remain safe and secure until you need them most.
Feb. 5, 2009 - PRLog -- Despite the upcoming stimulus package, the new U.S. Presidency, and previous banking bailouts, safe sales remain to be on the rise.  Consumers seem to not know where it is safest to stash their cash, nor their valuables.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, or just want an extra level of protection that a safe provides for documents, jewelry, and especially guns; consider one of the hottest tech savvy security products on the market.  Let’s take a look at the Secure Logic 20700 - Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe.

Your fingerprint is one of a kind, so let its uniqueness work for you.  The 20700 Biometric Safe ( operates at the touch of your finger.  To access the safe, your fingerprint is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint that has been pre-programmed and marked by computer algorithms – that’s the magic of biometric technology, which allows for more accurate identification and verification.

Once a valid fingerprint is scanned, an innovative gravity operated door slides down allowing the safe to open in less than 2 seconds.  You can then access the main storage space, which can accommodate money, documents, jewelry, and approximately two handguns, but that’s not the only place to hide the goods.  The safe also has a hidden storage space located underneath the floor of the vault.  It can be used for spare clips, ammunition, cash, and other small items.

This biometric safe is made of reinforced sturdy 16-gauge stainless steel and can be mounted into any wall of your house or business between two 16 inch on-center studs.  The main interior of the safe is made of plush fabric to protect your firearms or other valuables from scratches.  When the safe is opened an LED light will turn on to illuminate what is located inside.  

Unlike most electronic wall vaults, the 20700 Biometric Safe ( can run on a 12-volt rechargeable battery (but can also be wired).  A double sound alert will trigger if the battery is low and needs to be recharged.  The battery charger port is included.

In addition to gaining entry with your fingerprint, access can also be granted through a 5-digit pass code that the user programs.  If power fails and you need to open the safe quickly, one of two custom back-up keys can open up a hidden lock located behind the logo plate.  But first, you will have to unscrew the hex screws that hold up the plate with an Allen wrench that is also provided.

This wall safe is designed to be easily installed.  The kit includes mounting bolts, washers, a paper wall template, and user friendly instructions that will teach you how to operate the safe within minutes.  Never before has something so simple been so advanced.

This biometric safe is approved by the Department of Justice as a firearm safety device.  The safe can be easily concealed behind a picture frame or piece of art and the safe’s biometric sensor can store up to six fingerprints.  If theft is your primary concern or locking up your own gun, only to be used in case of an emergency, the 20700 Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe is your best bet.  This state-of-the art safe is a wise investment for your home or office and you should feel safe knowing that the government agrees.  To read more about this product and other types of safes including a picture frame safe please visit the Home Security Store at

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Home security is on everyone’s minds these days. Secure your own little part of the world by increasing your home security. Reality is that crime is increasing. The Home Security Store specializes in home security systems and security cameras.
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