'WICKED' Movement Defies Inequality in NYC!

California's Proposition 8 awakens one 'Monster' of a 'Grass Roots Movement'
By: Michael Stever Inc.
Jan. 21, 2009 - PRLog -- Nowhere did the phrase 'Grass Roots Movement' apply more than at New York City’s historic Gershwin Theater last Monday, January 12th 2009.  It was there the casts from the Broadway Musical ‘Wicked,’ along with its three other U.S. based companies hosted simultaneous ‘Defying Inequality’ dance parties to raise awareness and funds to overturn the controversial Prop 8.

Helmed by ‘Wicked’ composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz in conjunction with a talented and driven production team, ‘Defying Inequality’ is both getting the word out, and fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.   It’s also merely a precursor for an even bigger ‘Defying Inequality’ event scheduled for this coming February 23rd, also to be held at The Gershwin Theatre.  “There are upwards of over 1,200 different legal rights that we as heterosexual couples have within the bounds of marriage that gay couples do not,” notes coordinator DiOnna Pisarri, “That simply needs to change.”

The evening’s spotlight had its highest beams set on the newly formed Broadway Impact.com organization.  The Grass-Roots movement created by Gavin Creel, Scott Duquette, Jenny Kanelos, and Rory O'Malley not only make an impressive team, but are an inspiring testament to the true spirit of activism and desire to promote awareness for marriage equality.  The Broadway Impact.com directive entails a massive letter writing campaign geared exclusively towards ‘Swing Senators’ throughout the Country.   For more information, and to support Broadway Impact.com, visit http://www.BroadwayImpact.com.

Actor turned filmmaker Michael Stever was on hand conducting interviews with a number of attendees, including Production coordinators Anthony Galde, Jen Waldman, Schele Williams, DiOnna Pisarri as well as Broadway performer Billy Porter.  Stever also made no qualms about discussing his frustrations with his Sacramento based Mormon upbringing. “I love my family dearly, notes Stever  “However, I’m deeply saddened by their choice to support Prop 8.  It’s basically a double slap in the face in that by doing so they’re violating The Mormon Church’s Constitutional standing as a Not-For-Profit Organization. Separation of Church & State means just that.  

“This is my bottom line.” mentioned Galde, when asked what he thought of the millions contributed by The Mormon church to support Prop 8. “Go take those millions of dollars, and go feed somebody.  All we want to do is love.  This is not a ‘State’ issue;  it is a Federal, human rights issue!  It’s really very simple, I pay my taxes, I’m a good deed doer, and it should really be the same for everybody.”  

For more information on the Defying Inequality movement, visit http://www.DefyingInequality.com.  View the interviews by following the below links.



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