Injection Molding Makes it into Home Workshop

Injection molding has been with big business to long, its time for hobbyists to get in on the action
By: Kevin Regan
XJect Injection Molder
XJect Injection Molder
Dec. 11, 2008 - PRLog -- Kevin Regan from has completed his Bench top Thermal Injector code named "X-Ject V1". His niche is that plastic injection is a hobby that could not really exist even 10 years ago. Today, computers have changed the entire dynamic of a home workshop. 3D Scanners, CNC cutting machines and a wide assortment of technology was not feasible in someone’s garage. Today for a relatively small amount of money, manufacturing can be done at home. X-Ject V1 has the ability to shoot 2 ounces of resin by hand. The real difference between most thermal injectors and X-Ject is its design. X-Ject's name comes from the plate system that is set up which are in the form of 1/4" aluminum plate which are cut to form the shape of an "X". Another one of X-Jects main difference is it is designed to be modified by both designers and hobbyists. X-Jects are also designed to be upgraded to an automated version due to be released in late 2009. For more information please feel free to visit or email

# # # is a hobby site for people to browse and get involved in the fun of plastic thermal injection. XJect V1 works and is easy to use. I make things in my garage and I hope to be able to go from part time to full time.

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