Multilingual Internet Marketing – The Final Frontier

Klingons are Targeted as the Global Internet Marketing Space becomes Overcrowded
May 11, 2008 - PRLog -- AIMS Internet Marketing in Israel is pushing the envelope on multilingual internet marketing. They are the first SEO Company to embark on extraterrestrial Internet marketing.

“Marketing web sites in many languages is a challenge we enjoy” relates AIMS CEO, Ron Spinner. “After working intensively in Japanese and Chinese I felt we were ready to tackle extraterrestrials. I realize that we are ahead of the market, as there remains shipping and other problems, but I want us to be there when the market opens up.

For a test case we considered a number of extraterrestrials. E.T. had the advantage of being well known with the younger crowd. However there didn’t seem to be many earthlings who knew their language. We wanted to start with a language that we could localize without having to fly into outer space to find a translator.”

AIMS decided to target in Klingon, since there are humans who speak it. In addition, research revealed that a major search engine offers a Klingon interface—a good indication that there is a market for these extraterrestrials.

Political problems were a concern. Klingon are a warrior race. However investigations showed that they recently signed a treaty with the United Federation of Planets. It is expected that as the Klingons reduce their offence spending they will have more money to spend online.

The AIMS study revealed the classic Internet marketing sweet spot—a keyword in Klingon which has traffic but few competitors in the search space. Details of the methodology used are available on the AIMS Beyond Global Marketing article.

As a result of this study, several major courier companies have started investigating shipping to Qo'noS—Klingon’s planet. Money changers are also working to develop a hassle free system in which the Darsek will be easily converted to Dollar, Pound, Yen, Yuanand Euro.

There is an option to write Klingon using Latin characters, as Star Trek aficionados know. And in the near future Klingon may join the Unicode standard, making it possible for everyone to read Klingon characters online without downloading special fonts.

“Klingon was easier to work with than I expected. There is no ambiguity with words—eliminating the two step process needed in Chinese, for example.” Ron Spinner, CEO of AIMS explains. “Our success with the Klingons is just a first step in our bid to be the best in extraterrestrial Internet marketing.”

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