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April 2009 News

8 years ago, 570720 views, By Jason Ellis
If you're ready to finally put a stop to your relentless armpit sweating, then this release has some VERY effective treatments for you. Let's do it!
8 years ago, 185846 views, By Jason Ellis
Facial sweating relief is on the way with the 3 effective facial sweating treatments I'm about to reveal to you. So, pay attention because these little sweat solutions are going to stop the face faucets for good!
8 years ago, 152417 views, By Tom White
Many women suffer from toothaches while pregnant, often these are caused by sore or inflamed gums. There are safe effective toothache relief methods that will provide natural, long-lasting toothache relief.
8 years ago, 135181 views, By Jason Ellis
Ready to cure your nasty foot sweating problem? Looking for a way to stop the wetness and odor quickly AND conveniently? Easy enough! Just follow my 3 simple sweaty feet cures below and you'll be well on your way.
8 years ago, 109899 views, By Webbed Enterprises
If you're suffering from sweating hands, I totally empathize. I've been there and it's pretty miserable. The good news is I'm about to give you some great natural treatments to remedy your problem and get you results FAST! Let's get to it shall we?
8 years ago, 96031 views, By
Transfer and backup iPod Touch music to computer without jailbreaking? Now this iPod Touch backup software makes it possible and easy. It offers a full solution to backup files on iPod Touch to PC and from iPod Touch to iTunes in seconds.
8 years ago, 94538 views, By Jason Ellis
Here, I'll be outlining the most effective ways to get your shirts looking like new again and save you some cash on your undershirt shopping list. So, let's get started with the first method and get those pit stains out!
8 years ago, 63176 views, By Jason Ellis
There are SO MANY ways to treat excessive or persistent armpit odor. Have no fear. This press release is going to give you to the treatments that will significantly decrease if not completely eliminate your armpit odor.
8 years ago, 55760 views, By Jason Ellis
Here I'll be giving you the 7 best deodorants for excessive sweating that packed just enough punch to get my perspiration under control.
8 years ago, 52721 views, By Jason Ellis
Your diet lays the foundation for curing your sweat problem so don’t take these tips lightly. All other excessive sweating treatments build upon these tips.
7 years ago, 47640 views, By NeedPaydayCashnow
If this sounds like you. Then your in the same boat as a lot of people that need money fast. Today is your day & now is the time. This article is for you...
8 years ago, 45692 views, By Manhattan Surgical Care
The Brazilian Butt Lift at Manhattan Surgical Care can reshape you buttock and recontour your body in one procedure, Liposuction with fat transfer
8 years ago, 42221 views, By Pasch Consulting Group
Salon lights play important role in creating and maintaining perfect hair color for clients. Minardi Color Perfect Lighting by Eco-Lite Products help salon owners efficiently and effectively light their salon for optimal performance.
8 years ago, 38341 views, By Benjamin Conner
As the economy is finally receiving a transfusion of much-needed cash, a lot of Americans are receiving vast sums of money for a variety of personal purposes. Many would be surprised by how easy it is to qualify for free government money.
7 years ago, 36469 views, By Honeymark International
Honey's ability to produce hydrogen peroxide is one of the main reasons for its antibacterial activity, making it ideal for treating infected wounds.
8 years ago, 34756 views, By Aesthetic VideoSource
Learn how to face paint with new face painting DVD series by Aesthetic VideoSource. Learn face painting with Sharon Neilson, a professional face painter & clown. Step by step face painting techniques that include 40 artistic designs in 5 DVDs.
8 years ago, 33955 views, By Tony Pham
Wedding under water in Hon Mun of Nha Trang, wedding ceremory will be held at 7meters under water with dive masters and fishes..This is a very unique service in Vietnam for wedding couple and only organzing this service.
8 years ago, 32888 views, By
Michael Tsarion has recently been shown to be disseminating false information regarding his various 2012 theories in a recent "debunkumentary" by Chris White entitled "Michael Tsarion is Wrong" Tsarion then had Whites video removed from Youtube
8 years ago, 28546 views, By Workout Muse
BJ Gaddour is an internationally renowned personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor. Today he shares his secrets to performing more push-ups asap!
8 years ago, 28439 views, By Susan Hargreaves
The first ever Walkman phone with an 8.0 mega pixel camera has now received a SIM Free release date, we review the Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone and reveal the release date for this latest music device.


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