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What is "URL Not Found" error?

Neither people nor search engines like the URLs that don't exist. If your press release contains one or more URLs, our system may try to verify the URL before making it click-able and highlighting it.

If you get this error, then before submitting the form again, please do one of the following-
  • Fix the URL on your website if you can.
  • Fix the URL in the press release.
  • Remove the "http://" portion from the URL in the press release.
  • Remove the URL from the press release.
  • If the error is "Timed Out" but you can visit your website with your browser, then your website may be blocking robots from Amazon EC2 ip range. If that's the case, white-listing ip address ( should fix this issue.

Please note that URLs redirecting to another website are flagged as not found by the system. URLs redirecting within the website are considered as found.

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