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How to include clickable (active) links in the press release?

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  1. Format - You can control which URLs in your press release are clickable and which are not. To include clickable links in your press release, start them with http://

    For example-
    What You Enter What Visitors See Clickable
    Visit for details Visit for details Yes
    Visit for details Visit for details No
    Visit <a href="">
    My Website</a> for details
    Visit My Website for details No

    Only press release body section supports clickable links. Activated links are visible in the preview mode. So, if you can see links in the press release preview, then they'll show up like that later when the press release is published.
  2. Copy/Paste - If you copy-paste formatted text from another program, then text links will be converted to plain links.
  3. URL Size - There is no limit on the size of the URLs. Our system can handle both short and long URLs equally well. If you do see an issue, alert us and we'll fix it.
  4. Restrictions - For the press release to look professional and not totally promotional, it is recommended to have links at the end of the press release. The software automatically enforces the following rules-
    1. Links starting after first 1000 characters in the press release body are activated.
    2. Repeating the same link won't activate it multiple times.
    3. Links redirecting to other links are not supported.
    4. There's a limit on number of links.

Premium PR

You can include anchor text links in premium PRs. Premium PRs are not affected by restrictions listed above for free PRs, but it's still a good practice to follow them. There's a limit on number of links though.

The editor automatically detects plain or anchor text links when pasting text. Or, you can select a word and click on the link button to enter a link.

Note - As per search engine requirements and to protect users from search engine penalty, press release links are nofollow on all mainstream press release distribution services including ours. Journalists and visitors can still click on the links and arrive at your website. Also, as per latest news, search engines now use nofollow as a hint instead of strict nofollow.

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