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Can I submit same press release more than once?

Sorry, no. We don't allow same or almost same press release more than once. As per our policy, we allow only unique press releases, with unique subject matter and unique content.

Press releases are news items. They are a medium for you to tell your latest news to reporters and site visitors.

You will stop reading or listening to a news once you realized that it's the same that your read or listened to yesterday, even though now it has one, five or ten words different. You won't have the patience to listen to the whole thing to find that one different word.

The same is true for reporters and site visitors. They will move on quickly assuming that they have already read it or you reposted. If it happens again and again, they will start avoiding your press releases altogether.

Another equally important factor is search engines. Search engines penalize duplicate content and consider it spam. In all probability, your duplicate press release won't be even shown by search engines.

Even though you might have a genuine purpose to post a duplicate or almost duplicate content, in all likelihood it will be a waste of your effort and time. Furthermore, we have checks in place and any duplicate press releases are rejected.

So, please DON'T submit same press release more than once. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

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