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What are press release tags?

A tag is a keyword or term assigned by a press release publisher to their press release. Each press release can have multiple tags. This kind of metadata helps describe the press release and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are chosen informally and personally by the press release publisher.

Once a tag has been used a number of times and beyond a small threshold, it is designated by the system as a frequently used tag and gets its own page. That page then shows all the press releases using that particular tag. Any frequently used tags, used in a press release link back to their own page and are thus highlighted.

Tags are an important way to help visitors find press releases, with the advantage to publishers that their press releases get extra exposure.

To specify multiple tags, separate them with commas. Each tag can be a single word or multiple words separated by spaces. One thing to note is that a multi-word tag should be used if it is more appropriate than a single word tag. For example, if "river bank" is more appropriate, then having two tags as "river" and "bank" will not be useful.

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