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How to represent multiple companies?

You just need a single account even if you represent multiple companies. Each new press release you issue is independent of the earlier press releases issued by you.

You can choose to issue all press releases from one pressroom (for example, your agency's pressroom), or you can create a unique pressroom for each company you represent in the same account and then issue each press release from the appropriate pressroom, all from the same account.

Note that the press rooms are visible publicly and all the press releases issued using a given pressroom are listed under it publicly.

Furthermore, latest press releases are listed under every press release belonging to the same pressroom. To turn this feature off, uncheck "Related PRs" option on the pressroom edit page.

If you upload a logo to a pressroom, that logo will be shown on top of all press releases under that pressroom.

A single account has many more advantages. For example,
  • You have to login once only.
  • You don't have to memorize multiple usernames and passwords.
  • All your press releases are chronologically listed at one place.
  • All your pressrooms are accessible from one place.
  • All press releases and pressrooms are independent of each other.
  • You can move an existing press release to the correct pressroom by going to manage press releases page and clicking on the move button.
Moreover, we allow only one account per person.

To create a pressroom (i.e. business profile) -
  1. Login to your account
  2. On top menu, click on "My Content" > "Business Profile"
  3. Click on "Create New Profile" link
Or, click on Create Profile

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